Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still no photos... Sorry! But there are promises

As the title says, still no photos. I have the camera, but no time. Yesterday evening I was away and now I'm going to watch a movie with my dad! Now I'm going to make some promises. I swear it on my favorite shoes that I will do it. Here are they:
  • I'm going to post tomorrow a new outfit
  • I'm also going to post photos of Italy, Iseo
  • And some of my new purchases (which also includes new Viktor & Rolf wedges I got today in the sale (70% off!!))
  • I'm going to announce the winner of the favorite outfit contest soon! And there will be an interview with that lovely girl
Now I'm off to watch a movie with my dad and with some tea and cookies!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Ruxandra said...

have a nice evening with your dad, and i'm looking forward for italy photos and a new outfit to inspire me:)

jennifer jacobs said...

oehh, ben benieuwt.
Fijne avond nog! (Suz) said...

haha, spannend! ben vooral benieuwd naar de wedges!

Liv said...

enjoy the movie , ooh i am now craving tea and cookies!

When you have time, check out the blog ;

I V Y said...

awesome blog layout!

Unknown said...

I love the Chole dress & wedges! lovely blog u have btw come visit