Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yet again school

I want to apologize for not posting so much the past month. School has taken over my life. I haven't been wearing the most great outfits the past weeks and I think I'm not going to this whole month. I really need to work hard for 3/4 more weeks and than I have my summer vacation! It's going to be hell.
These are the things I need to do:
  • Make patterns of a jacket
  • Make the jacket
  • Make 3 (big) assignments for a certain class
  • Make a skirt with too much tulle
  • Make my exam for economics (I failed the first time)
  • Do all kind of things for my English class
  • and much more
Too many things for 3/4 weeks.

I'm going to try to do at least 1 more post with all kind of outfits that have been nice and I'm afraid that will be it for this month. After that you can have me back!


ForeverPetite said...

Succes met school!

Imelda said...

Succes met al je schoolwerk! Ik ken het gevoel!

Anne-Catherine said...

I know how you feel...Ik zit ook midden in mn examenperiode...Ff doorzetten nog! Hou die vakantie in gedachten;)

Karolina said...

Wish you luck with exam xo

SophieSweetVintage said...

Veel succes meid, je slaat je er wel doorheen! :)

inge luciana said...

I really really know how do you feel right now. because I also have a lot of tasks and final tests. OMG, I have to study hundred pages for Biology and I always fail!!
Wish you luck! =)

xoxo, ingeluciana.blogspot.com