Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today's outfit in detail

Since I still haven't found the time to make outfit shots, I decided to post these detail pictures I made this afternoon just for the hell of it. I made them with instagram and the light wasn't all that, so they're a bit overly edited. Maybe I can make some decent outfit shots this weekend, but I'm not promising anything, since I'm too bloody lazy for anything at the moment! Going out and partying 2 days in a row the past weekend wasn't perhaps that clever. Though it was fun... Plus my head is making overtime at night and that causes a lack of sleep. Anyhow, if I'm going to write more I'll start rambling and we wouldn't want that. So good night.
I'm wearing an Urban Outfitters army jacket, Mulberry mushroom broche and 2 vintage broches, The Orphan's Arms sweatshirt, Levi's jeans, Topshop beatle necklace and Underground creepers.

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Ruby And Siel said...

'since I'm too bloody lazy' haha das eerlijk :D en begrijpelijk!

Esmay said...

Liking it ^^

Lilith said...

cool sweatshirt
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fashionisaparty.com said...

wat een super leuke broches!

Anonymous said...

Your brooches are darling!

<3 Cambria

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Oreleona said...

i love ur shoes!!

Tippy said...

Maybe posting details of your outfit isn't such a bad idea! I have no time for outfit posts! Will try this soon!


Simmran Sharma said...

Great Products!
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DENISE said...

Hoi! De jas is inderdaad niet van TRF maar van de woman collectie! Hij valt gewoon treu size=)


Anshika Roy said...

I really Like those shoes. they seems more trendy.

Naina Arora said...

I have always thought that the whole style n pattern was beautiful and you have taken this to the anaother level with your creativity!!! Great work . These all are so much fablous , i wish i can buy all buy all these thing now, BTW really tahnks for sharing,i like these kind of valuable news like this . Keep posting like this in future also.stay tune to checkout more online shopping sites.

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