Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New hair

Oh dear.. Today is the day.. I'm going to the hairdresses and my hair is going to be short. Really short. The thought is a bit frigtning to me. I hope the camera is fully charged up when I come home. I have some photo's for you guys. Because since last year, around this time, I had black hair. And after that I was orange. Wasn't my intention, but I wanted blonde again. So since I was black till now, I have photo's. Lots of photo's. I'm going to post them later on the day. And I found a shirt I lost! At least, I thought that I had lost it. It was just lying in the back of my closet. And ofcourse photo's of my new purchases. Again. And maybe there are going to be more haha.


yiqin; said...

Post up photos of your new hair! I get scared when the hairdresser cuts my hair too! I think I'll burst into tears =/

Yucar said...

I am not in the habit of changing very much the cut of my hair and I have never dyed it, but I have desire of changing it a bit ... I will be thinking something of that...haha