Sunday, June 1, 2008

Today's outfit

When I got downstairs this morning in my outfit, my mom immediatly said 'You look kinda like a modern hippie'. And I really had something like 'Do I?'. What do you think? Do I look like a modern hippie or am I just florar pattern addicted?

Good news! Tomorrow is my last day of my internship! A big YAY! You really can't imagen how glad I am that it's over after tomorrow. The store is great, but working in a clothingstore is just not my thing. I prefer to be busy with clothes. Okay, true I am busy with clothes, but not in the way I want to. I want to make the clothes they sell and not sell clothes someone else is designing. I hope that I have my own store in a couple of years. But now, the only thing I can do is dreaming and work hard on school.

Cardigan, Nolita
Top, selfmade
Necklace, WE
Clutch, H&M
Bootcut jeans, Nudie
Heeled sandals, Prada


kwinst said...

Leuke outfit! en lief hondje:)!!

Yucar said...

I love those sandals, they´re beautiful!!!
You´ve got a great blog with great outfits.

Shes Dressing Up said...

Beautiful top and shoes!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you do kinda look like a hippie.
But a cute one!