Saturday, October 4, 2008

A day in Amsterdam

But first I went to the centre of Amersfoort! To buy a new sewingmachine and I got one! A Pfaff Tiptronic even! But more about that tomorrow. Today I went to Amsterdam with Jasper! We had lots of fun. We went with the train. So first we had the train at Amersfoort central, to Utrecht central. At Utrecht we got a bit lost. We had the wrong train haha. To Rotterdam.. Oeps. That's like far away from Amsterdam. Gladly we had a wrong spot at the train, so we moved. While we were looking for an other seat, we asked the conductor where this train would go. He said Rotterdam. Gladly we could get out of the train, for he left. After that we had the right train, thank god. First we went to Laura dolls. I couldn't find anything there. Just like Episode. After those two vintage shops we went to Wella Warenhaus. I have a tini tiny addiction to that store. They have a lot of gorgeous dresses. And gues what. I bought 3. Bad me. But they're SO lovely! I couldn't resist it. Okay, now I'm just making up excuses. Even though it's true. We also looked for some sneakers for Jasper, but there wasn't really anything.. We're going to shop for him here in Amersfoort next week or something.

And have you seen the new header? Thanks to the lovely Peggy. Thank you! Tomorrow I will post the new dresses, the photo's I made of Amsterdam and about my new fabulous sewingmachine!
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Cardigan, Vanilia
Dress, vintage
Tights, Steps
Boots, Bronx
Little necklace and pearl necklace, gifts


Peggy de C said...

Oh wow! Lovely dress, i'm very curious to the other ones! :D
Aww that makes me blush (about the header) haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's funny: I nearly have the same boots - also from Bronx. Love your look! The color of the dress is amazing!

Danika Jane said...

I love your style. You are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Imelda said...

Superleuke outfit, ik vind het jurkje echt enorm mooi, de stof ziet er heel gezellig uit!

Lieselot said...

Heel erg mooi! Het jurkje ziet er zo leuk uit, en het heeft een mooie kleur :), ik vind eigenlijk heel je outfit mooi xx

Rebecca said...

Wow! Mooie outfit (again), vind je jurkje enig <33

Ik ben echt dol op je stijl!

xx Rebecca

Dana (MODAna) said...

I love the colors in this look, down to the green tights, so original
I really have got to rock a white dress w/ brown boots SOON

Anonymous said...

The header is so cool :P
and the boots look cute ^

Sam said...

Thank you all so much!

Joni said...

I want your boots! :)

evelien said...

ik hou echt van deze outfit!