Thursday, October 2, 2008

New boots and jeans

I went to the centre of Amersfoort this evening, for a new sewingmachine. Mine died yesterday. So my mom were in the centre and we thought 'why don't we go shopping a bit?'. And that's what we did. We went by a lot of stores, but I ended up buying a pair of black boots and a pair of jeans, which I totally love. I saw the jeans about 2 weeks ago and I liked it already. Only I didn't wanted to go into the store, because it's a bit pricey.. Now I did went into the store and tried the jeans on. First I didn't wanted to buy it, but after a while I did and I'm glad I did!

And sorry for the bad quality photo's. The camera is still almost empty and those were the only photo's I could make. The jeans and boots are both from Vanilia

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Anja said...

prachtige laarzen,waar zijn ze van?