Friday, February 20, 2009

Shall we do something with the family? NO!

Tomorrow I'll have a family diner at some fancy restaurant and I really don't want to go. I'm not the family kind of person. I like my grandparents a lot and ofcourse my parents, but for the rest? No. And I'm just going because of my grandmother. And I will sit there with a smile. No, not a forced smile. Since the dead of my grandfather (dad from my dad) I try to do more things with her. But sometimes I have the feeling that she doesn't appreciate it, because she keeps saying that she's feeling alone. And I understand that, but do you have to say it all the time, even when you're around her? I really love her, that's for sure, but sometimes I have the feeling why I still try to do things with her and my dad. I know I shouldn't think like that, I really shouln't, but sometimes that pops up in my head. It's like an eldery is in an old people's home (can't believe that's the correct translation.. Oh well) and keeps saying that no one is visiting here, even though her children are there to visit her. She just keeps complaining about it and after a while really no one is visiting her. It feels a bit the same. I'm still going to do things with her and I love her so much, but sometimes I just wish she felt that I love her so much. And I think she does, but keep saying these things unaware. But you know what? I still going to love her till death and going to be there for her no matter what. She's one of the most important person in my life and she will stay that.

And now my outfit for today! Yet again this vintage dress. It's so comfortable and easy to combine on lazy days. Sorry. And I just noticed something. My cardigan makes me look big.
And another thing. Sorry for being such a bad responder. Everytime when I want to react back, something happens. I'm going to try to get back to everyone who left such a sweet comment!
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Cardigan, Cheap Monday
Dress, vintage (Ilovevintage)
Owl necklace, Ilovevintage
Tights, H&M
Socks, H&M
Ankleboots, Miss L-fire
Hairpin, Bijou Brigitte


Anonymous said...

yeah, i'm not too family-ish either...i love my parents, but beyond that, i'm just...i don't know...i don't really like them that much. i feel like such a horrible person for saying that but they can be really annoying, and they're not anything like me at all...

Unknown said...

Such a sweet dress, Miss Sam. And love the two pairs of socks together. Sorry about the family concerns. I find family occassions difficult too! It must be hard not to take what your grandma says personally.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I cannot imagine having to deal with all the changes the elderly have to take on later in life (losing their spouse, moving to a retirement home, etc). Obviously, one day I will, but having to endure it all must be really hard. I'm sure your grandmother knows that you love her, especially since you are such a sweet girl!

Nia said...

i love your boots!
& your little rose bobby pin is really cute :)

x said...

I love ankle boots, really trendy!

xoxo: Janet

Seeker said...

Looking sooooo beautiful, dear.

And you know old people are like that. Always saying that are alone, I think they're afraid...
You just have to have a bit of patience :)

Have a nice weekend


Anonymous said...

Je oma waardeerd vast wat je voor haar doet, maar ouderen zijn nu eenmaal zo. Ze zien vaak alleen het negatieve (het alleen) zijn als hun partner is overleden en ze zullen niet snel over het positieve (dat er veel familie om hen heen is) praten. Maar dat zorgt er niet voor dat je oma niet heel veel van je houdt en dat ze niet ziet dat jij veel met haar probeert te doen!

Maar goed waar een blog al dan niet goed voor is, lekker je hart luchten! ;)
Het valt best mee hoe 'dik' dat vest je maakt, ik vind hem juist super want het lijkt net op een blazer. Je schoenen zijn trouwens ook geweldig en ik wil je collectie wel hebben hoor!

x said...

This vintage dress is look very good in it...:-)

Doublecloth said...

oooo... beautiful


heleen said...

Ik heb ook familiefeest straks! Wel zonder grootouders, maar ik kan me inbeelden hoe je je voelt. Net zoals de rest hier al zei: je oma weet vast wel hoe graag je haar hebt en apprecieert ongetwijfeld je bezoekjes!

Ik vind je trui juist leuk zo eigelijk, een beetje over-sized, maar hij maakt je helemaal niet dik hoor! Eet smakelijk straks in het fancy restaurant! ;]

jennifer said...

I love the socks. and I have big hair envy! Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

You look awesome... soo cute!

Parapluie said...

Great outfit!

Luka said...

I love your shoes and that owl necklace.

Ais said...

echt de aller coolste laarzen die ik tot nu toe van je gezien heb!

supergave outfit : ) love your cardi ! x

Maria said...

Hello!! i really like that dress!! you look great, I love your hair!! Have a great weekend, kisses!

אדוה&לימור said...

great outfit!!
you look great :)

S* said...

The dress is perfect! You look sooo cute! And you have an amazing collection of dresses! I'm sooo jealous!!

Anonymous said...

Love your yellow dress. It looks perfect for swishing! :)

I completely adore your huge Peter Rabbit, too. He's so cute!

Ariella said...

Many old people say that they feel alone, and sad, and even if they may have family around them, I do think there's a lot of truth in what they say. I don't know what the situation with your grandmother is like, but most old people (who do have family that visits them a lot) do spend most of their day alone, which is undoubtedly sad. Your grandmother probably does know that you love her a lot, so you should just explain to her that you love her endlessly, but you don't have more time than you do to visit her.

I really wish I had spent more time with my grandparents when they were still alive, so enjoy the grandparents that you do have.

Your outfit is lovely as usual!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I love your outfit :) and your dress is gorgeous.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I love your outfit :) and your dress is gorgeous.

Much Love,

Miss D the Teacher said...

You always look like a doll. A perfect but loved china doll. It's so lovely.

I wish you the very best of luck with your grandma. My grandma's husband and son died more than 10 years ago now and it's like she just doesn't notice anyone else's love anymore. I admire your love and devotion! Truely.

Anonymous said...

Ik kan me goed voorstellen hoe jij je voelt. Daarom vind ik het juist ook zo knap van je dat je toch dingen met haar onderneemt!

Prachtige outfit! Vind de schoenen te gek!

FashionSqueah! said...

That dress is lovely, the colour is amazing! I lve the two pairs of socks too...Char x

HoneyBunny said...

You look so cute! I love the dress, that owl necklace and that bunny:DD :*

Anonymous said...

It's impossible for you not to look absolutely cute! I'm even tired of posting it every time! lol
But you are super cute, always!

As to the family issues - well, try and have some patience, it must be hard getting old. Or just think about your glorious shoes the entire time! lol


DaisyChain said...

You look gorgeous,
and I hope the family stuff goes ok. I have to attend some dreadful meal with distant relatives tomorrow, ugh.

Naomi said...

I love the socks with the shoes!

Kastina said...

Cute! Are you going to try out for Project Runway someday? I think you should.

Maddie M. said...

ooh your outfits are too divine. yum. :] i love your blog little one. and SUCH a lovely dress.

Jane said...

your outfit is so lovely

Please check out


The July Girl said...

I'm sure your grandma loves you. I think you should spend more time with her. I visit my grandma twice a week and think it's still not enough :/

L. said...

CONGRATS! I nominated you for the "YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS" award. Come check it out.


Samantha said...

you look lovely in yellow, and those boots are so killerrr =^.^=

cherie said...

wow! I adore your necklace and shoes. lovely outfit.

Re: your grandmother, it's good that you still have your patience spending time with her. ;)

Anonymous said...

i love your necklace!!! :D soo sweet gold owl !

essenceanddesire said...

I love ankle boots! Great look,


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what a lovely dress, you have amazing style!

ps, absolutely love your blog, would love to exchange links if you're interested? :)