Sunday, July 7, 2013

The old girl is back

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At last, my summer vacation has arrived! Even though I still have the feeling I can go on and work hard, my head is against it and gives me a headache everyday since last week Tuesday. According to my mum I'm de-stressing. To keep stress the subject, when I was still busy finishing my projects, I gave myself a little encouraging gift. This dress. A little while ago I told myself I couldn't buy dresses like these anymore, because I think I already passed this phase. But once in a while you'll find something that you can't resist and get it anyway.

I'm keeping it short, cause the headache is taking over. Going to get a shower (I'm so annoyed by my hair on these pictures, greasy looking), get some food and I can finally start watching the new season from True Blood!


Holl JC said...

You look wonderful Sam! All your jewelry is so pretty, and your dress is gorgeous! xxx

Good Morning Pretty said...

Love it ! Especially the shoe and the earrings !

xx Eli

el_martina said...

this dress is stunning!!!

Live-Style20 said...

nice bag !!;]]

i invite to me too

Unknown said...

This dress is absolutely perfect for summer and it looks fantastic on you! You can never go wrong with a pretty white dress in the summer. I love your platform shoes paired with it too.

amalie said...

pretty! i love the dress!

Aurélie and Angelo said...

Love your dress, perfect for summer! :-)

Look of Style said...

beautiful dress:)