Monday, March 17, 2014

Cake X 4

Recipes from Linda Lomelino 

So this is a massive overload from pictures... Sorry about that, but I couldn't choose which one I liked better and I just wanted to show them all. I've been getting more and more into this culinary photography, so I'm trying to improve myself. Also baking cakes for photo's isn't too bad either! These were all just too good. Especially the blue berry cardamom cake, yumm.

Eitherway, my apologies for the lack of outfits. I really would love to post something, but I don't have the pictures. My photographer a.k.a boyfriend has been busy with some stuff, so we don't have the time to make them. Though we're trying to make them this saturday.


the creation of beauty is art. said...

YUM these look so good!

PS by Dila said...

Oh my, wat maak jij HEERLIJKE taarten. Net kunstwerkjes zo.

Holl JC said...

These all just look absolutely divine Sam, and I am completely craving cake right now! x