Saturday, July 12, 2008


Went to Utrecht today with my dad. First we were going to Maastricht, but that's a 2 hour drive and we were quite late, so we went to Utrecht. I didn't mind going to Utrecht, because it's a beautiful city with great shops. The two shops I always go to are 'Elaganza' and 'Image'. And my dad wanted to give me something for my marks. First we went to Elaganza. Then I saw these amazing shoes. They were from Dsquared. It was love at first sight. Until I saw the price. It kinda hurted. So I thought 'Never mind..'. No, I'm not going to tell the price haha. But I put them back and I looked further around. A bit later my dad asked me if I didn't wanted the shoes of Dsquared. I said yes, but they're to expensive and then he said 'I will decide if they're to expensive or not'. So I tried them on and they're just so comfortable. They have a 4,8 inch heel(12 cm) and it doesn't feel like that.


Mariƫl. said...

Als ik eerlijk mag zijn vind ik ze behoorlijk lelijk, sorry. Maar ik weet hoe het is om iets tegen te komen waar je spontaan verliefd op bent en wens je er veel plezier mee!

Anonymous said...

ik vind ze juist geweldig! Lucky you!
Nu nog een aan-foto :D

Sam said...

@ Lotte
Dankje!^^ Ik ben er ook super blij mee! Heb er vandaag de hele dag op gelopen en m'n voeten doen er nu ook best pijn van haha. Maar ik wou ze niet uit doen! De aan-foto staat er trouwens nu ook op.