Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tomorrow evening I'm going to Italy! For two whole weeks. Can't wait till I'm there! I'm going to Iseo. That's at Lago di Iseo. I'm going to make a lot of photo's when I'm there. And we're also going to Milan and hopefully Venice again. But I can't post there. I can go on the internet there, but I can't upload photo's. I can write a post about how it is, but that's all. And because of the fact I don't have campingsite clothes I bought a little romper, who I could wear over my bikini. And it was in sale, so that always come in handy. The romper is from Ichi.

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Ula said...

Italy is one of my favourite countries:). I went there last summer, and I made a trip Milan-Florence-Pisa-Genoa. I spent few days in a small village close to Genoa, and I ate there the best pizza in my life!:D