Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today's outfit

I wore my new shoes and shirt today. My dad loved the shoes especially. I went out for lunch and everyone and then I mean everyone, were looking at my shoes. I don't know if it's positive or negative, but it's still quite funny. My dad and I went to lunch at the 'Kolonie' as usual and after that we went for a drive, like we normally do. So we drunk something at an other little restaurant and after that we went to the videotheque. I rented the movie 'Step Up 2', but I haven't decided yet if I liked the movie or I didn't. How they danced was really good, I wish I could dance like that, but the story was a bit cliché in my opinion. After the movie my dad and I went to 'Jan Tabak', a restaurant near our house and ate there a club sandwich, what was way too big for me actually haha. But it was good, though. When we were ready, we went home and watched the movie 'Live!'. Bad movie. When we were on the half-way, we got an icecream and went to my grandmothers, who was just back from Austria.

Cardigan, Vanilia
Shirt, Fornarina
Jeans, Nudi
Necklace, WE
Boots, Dsquared

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Anthea said...

Dsquared! I love their collections! The oversized t and beads are super cute :)