Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It started as a perfect day

The tuesday is one of my favorite days in the week. It's because I can sleep till late and I can do everything in my own tempo. At least, I can do everything quietly when I don't come out of bed too late. I went out of my bed at about 10:45 am. I made my breakfast, I was looking for some clothes and do my make up. All without haste. I even had some time to make my outfit shots in the backyard and it is lovely weather. After all that rain, a little bit of sun doesn't hurt. After the shots I walked the dog in the sun.

When I had done everything it was already 12 o'clock in the afternoon and I had to go to school. I crabbed my bike and went to the station. When I arrived there, my train wasn't at the platform. Normally he is always there on time. I though that was quite strange. I waited a couple of minutes when the train arrived. I looked for a seat in the train and waited till we left. While the train was driving (?) he went really slow. In the meanwhile I had the feeling I would miss my transfer. Suddenly the train stopt. Without any reason. Sometimes it stops, because there's a train at the platform where we would arrive. But not this time. I was looking outside and waiting.. And waiting. Gues what, there was a power cut (It rimes! But that wasn't my intention). The train was standing still for exactly 69 minutes. Gosh, the boredom! So I was already late at school and I also had missed my transfer. When we finally arrived at Amersfoort Central I didn't wanted to go to school anymore. Because when I finally arrive at school, I only have a 1,5 hour left to be there. I know it's bad, but I think it's kinda useless, when you think I don't have lessons. On tuesday you can work for yourself and than you don't have any lessons. So my argumentation for the day is that I can also work at home today and don't have to go to school for only 1,5 hour.

So now I'm home and I still have a whole day in front of me. What to do? I think I'm going to lie in the sun. Or maybe I go to the forrest with the dog. Maybe I'll do that. Only one problem. I have a flat tire. Well, I have a lot of options. But first I'm going to change my clothes, because these jeans are hot with this weather.

Top, Fornarina
Cardigan, H&M
High-waisted Jeans, Miss Sixty
Waistbelt, Miss Sixty
Headband, can't remember
Necklace, they were from the grandmother
Peeptoe's, Marc by Marc Jacobs


Imelda said...

Die jeans staat je heel goed!

Joni said...

zulke mooie schoenen en ik ben het ook volledig eens met imelda

Thumbelina said...
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Sam said...