Saturday, September 6, 2008

New winter dress

Yesterday I was at the mall, because my mom and I decided to keep a girls night. So we bought a lot of unhealty (bad bad me) food. And some cake as dessert. We also bought 3 new movies. The Kite Runner, Love Wrecked and Just My Luck. I know the latest 2 films are just bad, but they're chick flicks and I just love chick flicks. Is that bad? We watched yesterday evening The Kite Runner, not really my type of film. My mom mentioned I should read the book. Maybe I should do that. But we were walking around in the mall, when I saw the shop 'Steps'. It isn't really my type of clothing shop, but they had purple tights! And mine are raptured, because a couple of months ago I fell at the train. Gosh, I'm falling a lot lately. We walked into the store and it was pretty remarkeble how the store changed qua clothes. It's so much better now! I saw a lot of clothes I wanted to have. But especially this dress. Red and pink with black. And I hear a lot from people that they like these kind of colours on me. So I tried it on and it was to big. That almost never happens. And it was a normal size 36. I went looking for a size smaller and glad to see there was also a size 34. That size was just perfect and now I have a really cute winter dress. I'm so glad with it!

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