Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A whole day of staying in bed

I actually had to go to school, but instead of that, I spended my whole day in bed. That's because I couldn't walk! Well, can't. How come? Well, yesterday I got out of the train and I always have to go to another platform, because there leaves my train who stops in front of my school. And when you have to go to another platform you mostly have to walk down a stairs and up. And those stairs are dangerous. Really dangerous. I was wearing my heels and normally I can walk down stairs with them on. But in these stairs you have these little white cirkles, who are a little bit lower than the stairs itself. You can easily get hooked by it (did I say it right?). So I was walking down the stairs, until my heel got hooked after that little white cirkle. Well, I think you can gues what happend already. I fell off from the stairs and I landed (?) on my knee. Auwts.. Glad my tights weren't raptured! But my heels are a bit damaged... Thank god it weren't my Marc Jacobs peeptoe's I wanted to wear earlier, but my gladiator heels from New Look. Though it's still a pity. And I had a huge scrape on my knee, which hurted a lot. So when I woke up this morning, I couldn't move my knee. And walking is a really painful thing to do right now. So I don't have a today's outfit, but I do have my outfit from yesterday and the day before yesterday! So I hope that's okay for today.

This was yesterday's outfit, accept for the shoes actually. When I got home I didn't wanted to wear my gladiator heels anymore, because they're so damaged now. So for the picture I wore my new Prada's, who deserved a photoshoot on their own.
Blouse, Fornarina
Dress, Fornarina
Tights, H&M
Heels, Prada

Black shirt, H&M
White shirt, American Vintage
Skirt, selfmade
Waistbelt, vintage
Strawberry necklace, Harrods
Gladiators, New Look
Black bow, Six

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kwinst said...

Die ketting is echt super!
leuke outfits! enne sterkte nog!