Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hey, I got some new shoes and suddenly everything is right

I got 2 pair of new shoes today from my dad! He's always so sweet for me. Everytime when we went to Amsterdam, we went to The Bijenkorf. Ofcourse I had to go to the shoe department. And I saw always these two pairs, but always thought that they were too expensive. I almost got the ones from Barbara Bui for my birthday, but at the end I wanted something else. And that's good! Because now they both had 50% discount! Lucky me. When I had tried them both on, I couldn't choose. They both are really comfortable and really pretty. So the dad gave them both! So dad, thank you so much!!

These are from Emperio Armani. Normally I don't like Armani. I actually have something against it. Don't ask me why, because I have no idea. But in some way, I really loved these shoes. That will explain why I bought them.

These are from Barbara Bui


Anonymous said...

Die van Emperio Armani zijn echt geweldig, maar die van Barbara Bui zijn ook leuk!

Anonymous said...

Volgensmij ben jij best wel verwend haha! Ik bedoel dat niet negatief of stom hoor! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, Those Armani's are amazing! The other ones isn't my kind of taste but they are nice though! :D

You spoiled kid :P Hahahaha kiddin'!

a girl with a smile said...

The black ones are beautiful!! so jealous