Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts past few days. Just have been pretty busy and didn't had the time. But I went to Antwerp yesterday, with my class. I really had a lot of fun and bought also some things. But you'll see that later, because I already missed 2 trains. I slepped through my alarmclock.... Oops. So now I will arrive at 10:40 AM, instead of 9:15 AM. Oh well, can't help it. I'm just incredibly tired and my feet hurt like hell. Can't wait till tonight, so I can go to bed. I will post my new purchases tonight! Hope everyone will have a great day!


beckylou said...

Ik was gisteren ook in Antwerpen :D

NatalĂ­ said...

Looking forward to your post later today!

Rebecca said...

Ben benieuwd naar je aankopen :D
Antwerpen lijkt mij een hele mooie stad!

Enne, nog bedankt voor de peptalk! Je hebt gelijk, er zijn eigenlijk alleen maar voordelen aan dit korte kapsel!

Jij ook een hele fijne dag toegewenst, hoop dat jij beter weer hebt, dan ik hier in Limburg!

xxx Rebecca