Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Antwerp purchases

So yesterday when we arrived, Sasha and I immediatly went to the vintage shop Episode. I got there this amazing vintage dress with roses on it. It also has a little petticoat underneath. And click on the pictures to enlarge them if you want to.

And I got this clip for in my hair. I love roses.

And these tw0 bowties, that I want to turn into bows for my hair. One is with bears and the other one is from lace.

After that we went to the H&M (between Episode and H&M we ate some fries, they were delicious) and I got two pair of tights. I didn't got the pants and wedges in Antwerp. My mom bought the pants for me the day before yesterday. I tried them on monday, but didn't wanted to buy them, because of yesterday, even though I really liked it. She thought they looked so good on me, she got it for me! Isn't that sweet? And I did got the wedges on monday. I already tried them on before, but didn't bought them and now I did!

My new butterfly tights

And one with flowers

More shoes... I'm sorry. I'm an addict! These are from Fornarina. Sasha and I went to the Fornarina flagstore. Such a shame we don't have one here! We got this little shop with the boring things of the collection.

And I already had this in my thoughts on the way to Antwerp... Amazing shoes from a Belgium designer. First I didn't wanted to do this, but in the end I did... I got these amazing shoes from Dries van Noten. My first pair Dries van Noten shoes!

Aren't they amazing?

And yes, I know I got a lot! But I saved for this trip.


Piglet said...

That floral dress is just adorable *jealous* :)

Ellie said...

WOW! So many great things. Especially love the bow ties.

beckylou said...

de kousen zijn geweldig, en de schoenen... zucht... waw vooral die van dries van noten!

janettaylor said...

I have same floral tights! haha! I love all of bargain - especially Dries Van Noten sandals.

xoxo: Janet

Rebecca said...

Wow! Prachtige aankopen maar je hebt ze ook verdient!

suz-xx said...

Mooooi! Ben erg jaloers ;P. Ik houd het bij H&M :P, die zwarte heb ik ook ;)

kwinst said...

Je schoenen zijn echt geweldig!

Anonymous said...

zijn die maillots van de H&M.. gaaf!
die wil ik ook wel :p

Sasi said...

The dress is really beautiful, and I also love the bowties.

Jeanine said...

Die jurk lijkt op mijn eindexamenjurk jurk! :')
Alleen die van mij is van de C&A, but hey!

I love it, though! <3

Maaike said...

Wauw, je schoenen van Dries van Noten zijn echt mooi! En dat strikje van kant, i love it!

Emily said...

Aw, I love your new dress! It's so pretty :)

Julia.K. said...

These all look fantastic! I want.

Little Bow Prep said...

Awesome dress!

Raquel said...

I love the tights and the first 2 pair of shoes!