Monday, April 20, 2009

Pair number... I don't know, but too many

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These beauties are from Barbara Bui


Dare said...

aaaah! they are so pretty!

Manja said...

Ooooh....really nice :)

Luka said...


Rain said...

Hi Sam, Everyone once in a while, will have a bad (unlucky) day.... guess that was your wednesday. But thank god, it's over now!
I can't stand people judging on other people, so negative. Just annoy that, you're pretty the way you are.
I will sure check the new shoe-blog. Btw how many people can say, they have the same shoes as Cameron & Christina!!!! I am so jealous :P :D


Ella said...

Thank you for the tag!!! And ohmygosh your new shoes! They're beautiful, and so is your skirt.

Rain said...

Hmmm, I think I misplaced my comments at the wrong post, lol....but you get the point!

I am really curious how may pairs of shoes you have>......

xoxo (Suz) said...

woooooow. ik kan er niks aan doen dat ik zo van je schoenen houd:O.

This chick's got style said...

Echt ontzettend leuke schoenen, ben benieuwd naar een outfit!
Je hebt echt een leuke romantische stijl, het past goed bij je.
En je zwarte see by chloe's zijn super!


Anonymous said...

This is a very nice pair, perfect for this season!

Anonymous said...

Je zegt in je introteskt dat je niet zo goed in fotograferen bent, maar ik vind dat je het juist heel goed kunt!

Mooie schoenen en mooie foto's! said...

Those are really cool. I like Barbara Bui! Congrats!


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