Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh bugger..

I'm afraid I'm getting ill. I've had a headache the whole day trough and my troath hurts a lot. Oh bugger. And I'm going to New York thursday! Let's hope it's over tomorrow. But I went to the city hall today, to get my passport and I bought some clothinglines. I needed them so badly! Everytime my family is here and when someone is going to my room, I always get the comment 'You should start your own clothingstore! But even a clothingstore has less clothes then you do.'. Like argh! That kind of things are really making me sick. It's getting really annoying. Yes, I have a lot of clothes. So what? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm getting mad for nothing haha.

But my face didn't wanted to work allong with the photo's. Just like my hair. I think I used half a bottle of hairspray and still it doesn't want to work with me.

Shirt, Fornarina
Red with dots bow, selfmade
Necklace, Ilovevintage
Waistbelt, vintage
Skirt, selfmade
Peeptoe's, Mirror
Dog, Odie


♥lyssa said...

aaah, new york.
ik ben jaloers.
leuke stijl, leuke combo.

Imelda said...

Geweldig mooie outfit!

ooohmaureen said...

love your outfit, and your dog is so cute :) x

Ashlee said...

i adore the color combination...