Saturday, May 9, 2009

On the photo with Janice

So again not an outfit post. Or something else. Rather tired and not feeling like taking outfit shots. Sorry! But I had a lovely day. Went to the congress of tailors with Bettina. There were 2 lectures. Pretty interesting, but the second one was rather bad... But! There were also some fashion shows! There was one with selfmade clothes of the tailors and they all were really pretty and well made! Ofcourse there were some better than others, but all sooooooo much better than me! Can't wait till I'm really good. Okay, so I'm already sewing whole my life, but not this intense as the past 2 years. And! There was also a fashionshow from 2 Dutch designers! Janice, who was in the race to become the new Dutch designer in Project catwalk(the Dutch version of Project Runway) and Jeffrey Daniels. Ofcourse I knew Janice, I watched Project Catwalk. But I didn't knew Jeffrey Daniels (sorry Jeffrey). I'm glad I do now! He made some amazing dresses. They were really amazing. And then there was also Janice showing his summer collection! And there this was purple with white dress/coat. I really fell in love. Such a shame it's so expensive... Otherwise it would have bought it, I think. But I didn't even saw his collection, I also met him! He's really nice and I'm on a photo with him. Even though I look SO awful on it, I am going to show it. Bettina (who made the photo) thought she made more, but she apparently didn't. So Janice, if you're going to read this... I NEED A NEW PHOTO!

Fathead... I say about myself..

Now I'm going to look for an outfit for tomorrow, because I'm going to boyfriend in a about half an hour and I'm going to stay there. Maybe one of my new vintage dresses? Oh god, I look awful on that picture -.-' Tomorrow there's going to be a new and better update! Hope everyone is having a nice saturday evening.


Ellie said...

That's so cool that you got to meet him!

mice said...

You (and he too!) have really cute outfits in that picture! Especially your dress looks awesome! ^^

Rain said...

Yup, remember Hanice from Project Catwalk. Hope they will make another season in holland.


Seeker said...

You look lovely dear


Rhiannon said...

You're silly--you look adorable! :)

alineaimee said...

I have just discovered your blog and i'm already in love with it!
your style is the best!



Nina said...

Hahaha, ik heb hem ook al 2 keer hier in Den Bosch gezien (zijn vader heeft een café hier) Maar wel heel cool dat je met hem op de foto staat!