Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Answers part 2 (final)

If you could be a character from any book, who would you be?

Oh dear… I think Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little house on the prairie (writer and main character of the books). And not because my personality is like hers, because it isn’t. It’s because I think, when I lived in the time she did, I would have been like her.

If you could play in a movie, what movie would you choose and what role?
I think in a movie where I’m traveling back in time. To the New York in 1850 or so. Or the American prairies. Hmm.. Or in the time of Pride & Prejudice. The time of Jane Austen in ofcourse England. Or a film where you get hypnotized by something and you end up in a past life! I would be just me. I’m not playing someone else. Or a chick flick with a lot of humor! And ofcourse I would be the girl who gets the most amazing shoes ^^ Haha, just kidding! Sort of…

What would you choose between friends and family? how important are these things to you?
I don’t have a lot of friends honestly. Except for Evi and boyfriend is a very good friend and boyfriend at once! And in some way they are my family (don’t get this wrong with boyfriend xD). So I choose for family. They are very important to me.

How did you meet your boyfriend and for how long are you two a couple already?
I’m a little bit ashamed about how I met boyfriend actually… We both had a vampirefreaks account (I had a ‘emo’ period in my life… Sigh) and the first time he talked to me (at vampirefreaks) I thought he was a jackass. I didn’t liked him at all! I thought he was just a cute faced guy with a huge ego. After a month or 2 he talked to me again and frankly he doesn’t know why. He just did. And this time I liked him more. We started to chat at msn messenger and after a while we decided to meet each other in person! We decided to meet each other at the central station of Amersfoort. A place where I knew the way and where are a lot of people, so if he was a actually a creepy, disgusting guy (used another boys photos) I could go away without noticing (btw, I don’t recommend this to anyone! I know it wasn’t that save, so that’s why I choose a crowded place to meet. So if you really want to meet someone through the internet in real life, meet each other at a place where you know the way, where are people that you know and where are just a lot of people!). But he wasn’t a creepy guy, but a really cute one! So that’s how we met. And now he’s my boyfriend for already one year and 4 months. And it’s going to be longer! He’s seriously perfect for me.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to all sorts of music! Especially rock. So bands like Sick Puppies, Black Stone Cherry, A Change of Pace and my favorite: Lostprophets! I love that band for several years now and I don’t get bored of any song that they made. But I also love to listen to Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Frank Sinatra, Madcon and so go on. But I’m really not a fan of dumb rappers like 50 cent, Sean Paul and all of those suckers. Excuse me if you like them, but I absolutely hate them.

How much money do you spend on clothes, shoes, accessories and so on each month?
Hmm… That’s different every month. But I do spend at least €100,- every month on clothes. When it comes down to shoes and accessories it’s always different.

Is this your natural hair colour?
No, it isn’t! I dye my hair every 6/7 weeks. Here’s a photo of me with my actual hair color!

I was about 14 here. So 3 years ago.

Whats your worst fashion mistake?
My worst fashion mistake? Hmm.. You know what, I only think you make a fashion mistake when you wear something you feel really uncomfortable in. But now I’m talking about the girls who like to be busy with clothes. You also have the people who aren’t busy with clothes and make the popular fashion mistakes! Like a too tight jeans/pants. A smaller pants doesn’t make you more skinny. It makes you look more big than you actually are. Or crocs and Uggs (my opinion! I hate Uggs). But I think a lot of people can relate to my opinion about crocs! Socks in sandals. Saw a man wearing them in the train to other day! It was so funny. But you have people like Chloe Sevigny who can wear socks in sandals and still looks amazing.
But I had to tell my worst fashion mistake and I think that when I was just 13 and walked constantly with my black coat on, too much make up on the eyes, a tight black top, jeans and tacky black leather pointy toe boots. At the moment I thought I looked amazing. Right now I’m just feeling ashamed… What can I say? I was hanging around with bad friends and I wanted to fit in with the ‘cool’ people. It affects a person more than you would like to admit. Or more than I would like to admit...

Do you know nice vintage stores in Antwerp?
I only know about Episode! But I have no idea where you can find it… Sorry!

Do you have tips for the ones who just started a blog?
Try to make it your own! Make it personal. How you do that is your decision. I’m not going to give tips about that. It’s something you have to find out what’s you! And try to make good photos! No annoying ‘here’s-my-outfit-photo ‘ that you made through a mirror for example!

If you were a flower, what would you be?
I would be a water lily!

Can you share with us 5 things you like, 5 you hate and 5 you're craving for?
Okay, here we go!
The 5 things I like:
- Fantasy books
- High heeled shoes
- Taking a shower in the evening and after that watching a good film in a clean bed with a big cup of tea with milk and sugar (don’t like tea without milk and sugar)!
- Making little trips with my dad in the car. Just driving around without any goal and just see where we land!
- Just walking through Amsterdam

The 5 things I hate:
- Rain in the morning on a day that I have to go to school. It makes me nervous, because I don’t want to get wet when I’m on my way to school! When it’s raining while I go home, I don’t mind.
- A very messy room! Can’t stand it.
- People who only live by the rules and don’t do anything spontaneous!
- When I’m lying in my bed, super comfortable underneath the blanket and when I suddenly get it really hot, so I have to lye on top of my blanket.
- When there isn’t anything sweet in the house, when I want something like chocolate!

The 5 things I’m craving for:
- At the moment boyfriend, since I miss him really bad!
- Givenchy ankleboots (too. )
- Viktor & Rolf boots (again, too much money!)
- A nice brown leather bag!
- A pair of black suede pumps with anklestraps, since mine are already worn so many times!

Do you own a pair of Louboutins?
Yes, I do!

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Is there a pair of shoes on your wishlist, but don’t have because they’re (still now) too expensive!
The Givenchy ankleboots! I’m seriously going to get them when there’s a sale at the end of December. Seriously. I need them SO bad! Well, that's not completely true. I just want them!

Are you going to post a picture of you and your boyfriend together?
I want to, but I don’t have a good photo of us two together. Pretty stupid.

Do you know an online store where I can buy great designer shoes like yours?
Hmm.. I think and! But I never buy designer shoes on the internet, because mostly you need a creditcard for that and I don’t have one…

Do you spend the whole days with high heels, school included?
No, I don’t! I don’t want to ruin my feet completely. I only wear them in the weekends (not even the whole day! Only when I have to get out of the house and even sometimes I’m too lazy to put on heels and after school. Maybe it’s a shame, because I have such beautiful shoes. But isn’t it more worse when you have shoes you think are really beautiful with a high heel and you can’t walk on them, because you constantly walked on heels in your teen years? I don’t want that to happen. Plus that I have really bad knees (already since I was 12, so it isn't because of walking on heels). Something about the kneecap that is too for to the left or right, so it touches the gristle. That hurts. Not always, but 5 years ago when I went to the doctor with it, he thought it was really serious, so I couldn't join gymnastics. Not that I minded then. But I must say that when I had gymnastics a year ago, I sometimes also couldn't join it, because it hurted a lot again. It can only go away with an operation and I'm not feeling a lot for that...

How do you style your hair? Do you really blow dry it everyday?
I rarely blow dry my hair! After washing my hair (2 or 3 times a week, sometimes 4. Can’t take a lot of showers, since my skin is really really sensitive!) I just let it dry. I also always take a shower in the evening, so I’ll sleep with moist hair. That makes it less frizzy, so I don’t have to style it so much in the morning! But I do style it in that way, that I don’t have any curls and that I like it. When I styled my hair, I don’t have to do anything about it anymore, till I washed it again!

How do you know what to wear with so many clothes?
I don’t know what I want to wear with so many clothes! That’s why I needed a third clothes rack. On this rack I put the clothes I really really love at the moment, so that makes it a lot easier!

Don't you think wearing heels in a park of forest are difficult?
Well, actually not really. I've never wore heels in a forest, so can't say anything about that. And in a park I mostly walk on a normal path, plus that I normally wear thick heels. That makes everything a lot easier!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this! And now an outfit. This is from when I was still in Italy. We were going out for diner! Plus that I was wearing me new (at the time) Fornarina maxi dress.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Me: look, I'm wearing flat shoes!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yes, I'm aware of the fact that the bow doesn't fit with the dress! Only I didn't noticed it at the time. Oh, well, what does it matter.

Fornarina maxi dress
Thrifted bow
Vintage purse
Prada sunglasses
Shoes I have no idea...


Anonymous said...

Lovely dress and many sweet answers :) I also met my boyfriend trough the internet. First I met my friend on a Piczo website, and my boyfriend was in her class at school. and the ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend used to be the best friend of my friend .. haha complicated, i know. first time i met him in person was last october with my mum. we went to holland and he joined us and we went to amsterdam.

your blog is very inspiering! keep it up :D ive been thinking alot about what you answered on a previous question about really thinking it trough before you buy something, and i think i really needed that tip, so thank you!

heleen said...

Ahhh je jurk is zo mooi! ik denk niet dat ik zou staan met zo'n lang kleed, maar bij jou is 't perfect!

Voor de persoon die vroeg naar vintage shops in Antwerpen: je hebt ook de Sussies en Think Twice, beide zijn supertof! De Episode bevindt zich trouwens in de Kammenstraat, als je zodra je op de Groenplaats komt links afslaat (de straat van AA) en dan rechts, en dan een stukje doorloopt zie je het bord met 'Episode' op al snel staan!

Tanya said...

Leuk weer alles te lezen!
Je lijkt me echt een super leuk meisje, ook om mee om te gaan en gewoon als goede vriendin te hebben.. Jammer dat andere mensen dat niet inzien! En jammer dat ik niet bij je in de buurt woon, volgens mij (Denhaag).. (Suz) said...

die jurk staat je erg mooi! en leuk om te lezen weer :) ik denk dat je een voorbeeld bent voor veel meisjes omdat je gewoon heel erg jezelf bent en heel eerlijk hier. en dat je dat eerst niet was, en daar ook naar hebt moeten zoeken, en dat je dat ook gewoon toegeeft :).

Ruxandra said...

i'm so happy you've answered my questions:)you with flats, that was a change:)fon't forget about the award i gave you a couple of weeks ago:)

Ilse said...

zo leuk om dit te lezen. hihi hoe je je vriend hebt ontmoet!! ik heb ook een blauwe maandag rondgelopen met witte longsleeves en een zwart rockshirt erover, en dan heeeeel veel eyeliner en altoschoenen hihi oooh dat herinner ik me niet graag..
grappig van je haarkleur om te zien!

donna said...

Lovely dress and the hair bow is darling! =)

I'll link you in my blog, is that ok?


donna said...

Lovely dress and the hair bow is adorable. Btw, I'm linking you to my blog. Thanks! =)


mice said...

i was really interested to read your answers and they told so much to me about you :) like, you are really nice person!
lovley post idea.


moded'amour said...

leuk om te lezen!!!
die fotos zijn supermooi!

Iris said...

heeee :)
ik vroeg me af of je mijn mailtje nog had gekregen over het interview, want ik heb daarna niks meer terug gekregen.

daisychain said...

I cannot get over how lovely you are.

Miri said...

Nice answers! I'm the same as you. I dye my hair every couple of months and its been a very long time since I saw my natural hair colour!

Kati said...

What a nice, long post! Good to read all your answers!

Anonymous said...

Leuke vragen en outfit! geweldige jurk said...

Great answers, Sam! I think Ur original hair colour tooo beautiful... Love it. :-)


Yulan said...

Ik ben weer helemaal verslaafd geworden aan je blog.. Ben echt he-le-maal gek op je stijl. Heb gister *schaam, schaam* je blog van de 1ste tot de laatste post gelezen. Hahahaa. Ga zo door! xxxx

Natalie Suarez said...

gorgeous dress, and i love ur pair of louboutins :)


Becca said...

I already read some answers on questions, and I have to thank you, you helped me with thew tips on fashion blog, I will try to do it more MINE :) u can visit it and tell me whats really wrong. thanks.

Anonymous said...

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