Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love was once a part, but now it's disappeared

I got a lot to tell, so let's see how I can tell it in a not too long version.

Last week Sunday I went to Scheveningen with my dad! That's a place at the beach. We went there for lunch, as usual at Sundays when I'm at my dads. It was pretty windy I must say! We made a little walk at the beach and I was glad I was wearing my new (flat) boots. Got them because I lost my left boot when we went home again from Lowlands. Somewhere between the camping and the car it fell out of the bag and I needed new boots because of that. We ate a hamburger and fries at this beach café. It was tasty!

At Friday evening boyfriend had a performance with his band where he's a bass player (the band is called Tribal Spirits if you're curious). They were performing here in Amersfoort at the Lieve Vrouwe plein (sweet woman square). They had to perform at 9:10 PM and while they were playing, this other band was already setting up their stuff (you had a big podium and a little podium (2 podiums at one podium. Hope you can follow me with this) and gues what. Never told about this guy before here on my blog. Let's just say he was my first big love and he broke my heart so badly. That guy was also going to perform... With his band. So boyfriend and my first love where both on one podium. Seriously, how ironic. Plus that boyfriend also knows that guy and he hates him (for several reasons)! So when boyfriend was done performing he took my hand, dragged me to the podium and we were standing there with boyfriends arms around me starring at that other guy! With the thought 'I have her and you don't! Muahaha'. It was funny! And another thing. I'm glad that guy broke my heart, otherwise I never would have boyfriend, he's so much better in everything than him! After a minute or 2 we went away again and went to the Boothill with a friend of boyfriend. I seriously had a good time!

And yesterday I went to the fashion show of a dutch couturier, Mart Visser. Not really my kind of clothes, but always nice to watch! And I did saw one thing that took my breath away. A light pink jacket. It was gorgeous. I went there with a colleague of my dad and after the fashion show my dad, I and the colleague went out for diner in a Japanese restaurant! I must admit that I ate too much, but it was so delicious! And uhm.. Please excuse me for the fact that I didn't took outfit shots, but I kind of forgot it.

And now finally the outfit! Sorry that the photos aren't that nice as the last ones were, but boyfriend and I didn't had the time to make them. This is an outfit that I wore for the first time in July, but I already worn it several times the past month! It quickly became one of my favourites.
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Thrifted bow
Fornarina blouse and pumps
H&M shorts and tights
Miss Sixty waistbelt

And now I'm going eat risotto! Delicious.


Liset said...

Leuke outfit en gaaf dat je naar de show van Mart Visser bent geweest! (Suz) said...

echt heel schattig! vooral dat blousje :), staat je goed!

Anonymous said...

Hele leuke outfit!

Anonymous said...

Het staat je echt heel leuk.
Ik heb een goede site voor jou,, je moet maar eens kijken, ik doe er veel inspiratie op:)

Unknown said...

Staat je geweldig! :)
Bedankt voor je berichtje!

xoxo Fashion Waitress

Unknown said...

Staat je geweldig! :)
Bedankt voor je berichtje!

xoxo Fashion Waitress

Tanya said...

Leuke outfit Sam!
Heb nu eindelijk een goede foto van Niels gezien haha :D

Moi said...

you have such a beautiful style! I really love your outfits ;)

Julia said...

Haha dat klinkt als zoete wraak (op het podium staan met je vriendje tegenover iemand die ooit je hart brak)!
Prachtige outfit, as always.

Mo said...

lol what a fun situation !!! you look lovely !!

Eli said...

I like this outfit too :)

What a funny story about boy friends!

daisychain said...

wow, amazing blouse

Valonia Irene said...

hey love your shoes! mind to exchange link? :)

Anonymous said...

Geweldige outfit en dat is inderdaad ironisch! Dikke steek voor die andere, gelukkig heb je nu een lief vriendje!

Fräulein Luise said...

Dark blue and black together has always been a fashion No Go.
Looking and this wonderful tight/short combination I really do not why!

Indy said...

I really love your blog! The design is so beautiful, not to mention the outfits you post are wonderful! I adore the color combination on this one!

Kati said...

What a cute outfit - everything fits together here!

The FourOhSeven said...

geweldige blouse! die kleuren :)