Monday, February 21, 2011

Mulberry Alexa

Yes, I did!! I've got the Alexa bag by Mulberry!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it in Amsterdam. I've never expected to find it, I always told to myself that it wasn't meant to be. But I guess it was!
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The photo includes my favourite (already) Alexa bag, Topshop jumper with an antique broche and my favourite Dahlia dress.


So I've decided that I'm going to figure out how facebook works. I'm such a noob when it comes up to sites like those. But if you want you can add me at facebook. Just give me a little note. I don't think I'll use facebook daily, but if I do use it, do you want me to write in English or is Dutch just fine?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm feeling so much better

At first I wanted to thank the ones who said those sweetest things in my previous post. It was heart warming to read. Thank you so much!

But I've felted really good today, after a week of misery. Because of last week I've lost about 2 kg and honestly, I don't mind it at all actually. About 2 weeks ago I've noticed I've gained a little little bit of weight the past couple of years and now I'm determined to eat only healthy food and I'm going to work out, because I still want to lose a little bit more. But I'm going to do it healthy, not like how I did it last week, because I've barely eaten something. I was constantly noxious.
And now don't worry, this isn't becoming a dieting blog.

Now some other news! After Sunday I didn't had someone to go to Lowlands, but now I do! I'm going with the sweetest, greatest, dearest, most amazing Evi! I'm sorry for all those adjectives, but I'm just sooo happy I'm going with her! It's just going to become the most amazing time ever! Plus I've decided to dye my hair back to my original colour at the end of July. I'm not doing it now, because I'm afraid if I will do it now, I'll have to cut it off. I can just see myself walking around at Lowlands with Evi having the most fun in the world, while I'm having long blonde hair, wearing this playsuit by Dahlia and wearing my vans. Aah, I can't wait!
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I'm really starting to begin to see the bright sight of being single!

Now I just need to pass my exam that started 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow I will make some shots of the fabrics I got. It's amazing! And maybe I'm going to make some outfit shots of the things I wore last week.

And ehm, I also got some other things by Dahlia...
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I hate boys

No-No-No-No, I'm not bitter, I'm not mad.
Well, maybe just a little, just a tad.
I know every apple here ain't bad,
But I found a worm in every single one I had.
(Boys) They're only good for fruit, I mean bananas.
(Boys) Them boys so nuts, they're drivin' me bananas
Oh boys, we should pack them up and ship em out.
Bo-bo-bo-boys Bo-boys
Bo-bo-bo-boys Bo-boys
I hate em

My theme song of the day. I think you now can guess why.