Sunday, March 11, 2012

Curiosity will never let me go

When I first saw this dress I thought it was nice, but that I would it let pass me by. I mean, why would I in heavens name need another new dress with a cute little collar and print, since I already got so many. I thought that until I saw the dress popping up everywhere over the internet. Blogger after blogger. With the first blogger, I still wasn't convinced. With the second one I started doubting and with the third blogger I knew this was going to be a struggle. And boy, did I caved! So what can I say. Dahlia 10- Me 0. I think I will never win this battle.

109 2kopie
I'm wearing a Goose Craft leather jacket, vintage waistbelt, Camden Market tv necklace, Mulberry satchel and DV booties.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Customized vintage

Yay, finally a new outfit! These photo's kind of have a double usage. They're meant for my portfolio, since I'm trying to get into an art/fashion school and they're for a new outfit post.
Perhaps there is someone who can recognize this dress. The pattern at least. I got it about 2 years ago with the intention to customize it, but I never got around to do it. It was such a granny dress. Now at the beginning of this year I decided to start on it. After some brainstorming I knew what I wanted to do with it. Plus I'm so in love with the back of it right now!
If you want to see the dress how it was, you can see it at the end of this post.

I'm wearing a Topshop blazer and hat, Dahlia necklace, ChloƩ bag and Asos booties.
And to make one thing clear, I only wore this without tights because I wanted to show the dress. Afterwards the tights went on!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Beetle me up

Yeah, yeah, I know, again no new outfit. Due to some busyness and stress I don't really feel like it. Anyhow, here are my new beetle ring and necklace. I've been looking for some statement necklaces lately and I think I found a really good one.

Both Topshop