Thursday, March 24, 2011

Topshop sale

So I gave in with the Topshop sale. There already were some items I've wanted for a while, but never got because I thought some were too expensive for what you got.
And now it wasn't anymore! Good for me. Not good for my wallet.

Little note, the red skirt wasn't on sale. I just couldn't resist...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can't you see that you're fading away?

After a long break from outfit shots, I've made new ones today. With self timer. I again know now why I hate it so much... It takes so long to get a decent shot.
For a while I thought of quitting blogging, since it's hard to make time for it and it just doesn't seem to fit in my life anymore. But I'm not going to. It's still going to take a little while till I'm fully committed again to my blog, because of my exams. And because I'm just busy with my life. I'm meeting old friends again, I'm starting to like to go out. Things just aren't the same any more and I'm ready for change. Noticed that I'm listening a lot to "Fading" by Rihanna? Haha.

But here's my outfit. At the moment this is pretty dressed up for me. I really have to force myself to wear something 'fancy', otherwise I'll keep wearing my jeans with vans.
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Zara cardigan
Topshop scalloped crop top and fly earrings
River Island skirt
H&M hat
Mulberry Alexa bag
Booties I don't know

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dahlia girl

A little while ago Dahlia contacted me to ask if I wanted to be a Dahlia Girlfriend. And since you all of you know, I'm a huge Dahlia addict and fan. There's never been a brand that represents my style and taste this well.
So how could I refuse this offer? I couldn't! I was so thrilled when I read it (I can remember that day so well, I jumped around the hallway at school. Can you imagine that some people were looking kind of odd to me, haha) and I immediately said yes. So I'll be writing for Dahlia for about 6 months.
It's online since today and I'm a Dahlia friend together with Harriet and Morven.
You can find the article here.
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