Monday, June 30, 2008

The movie marathon pictures

The beginning of our movie marathon.. I think we were a bit over enthusiastic..

Jasper, who is making himself comfortable.

Oh gosh, it was really to much haha.

Evi, who is wondering how we all gonna eat this.. I also wondered that.

The addiction of me and Evi.

Having fun? Haha.

I'm just gonna say nothing about that..

Evi: 'Aaah don't poke me!'
Jasper: 'I already did! Muahahaha!'

Yes, there was also pizza. Three of them. And this was what remained.
No, the candy and chips weren't lying on them first.

My poor dog..

She has a bit of a crush on him.

Two really good friends.

Yeaah! Let's play!




And there she went haha.

And now it's Jasper's turn.. Oh dear haha.

Odie's thought: 'What a bunch of lunatics'

Let's hope that they're not going to fall.

Jasper: 'Look what I can do!'

Let's don't do that again, please.

Evi: 'Do you really need to take a picture..?'
Sam: 'Yes.'

Me and my crazy friend Evi.

Just sitting there..

Jasper watching Odie.

Yes, she's sitting on a crocadile.

Odie and Jasper.


No comment.

Still no comment.

In an other playground.


The birthday present

I told earlier about the birthday present I gave to a good friend of mine, Moni. I also said that I had them to and I finally made pictures of them

Talking about having a good week

Sorry for the lack of posts the past week.. Again. But I've been so busy! Last wednesday I had to go to school, to pick up my marks. And I already knew I was on to the next year, but I didn't knew my marks. And they were actually pretty good. I had a 7 for economics, for competence a 7, for English and Dutch together a 6.6, fashion drawing a 7.6 and for my theory a 8. My mom was really suprised and she wanted to give me something for it. And she knew I wanted white Dr. Martens for a long time, so now I'm getting them! Yay!

Last thursday I went to Mart Visser. He's a Dutch fashion designer. My aunt went to him, because she had an apointment with him. He's going to make a suit for her. And because of my fashion education, she asked me if I wanted to go with her. Ofcourse I wanted that! First I thought he was a bit arrogant, but when I was there he seemed to be really nice. He was even interested in my education! I don't know if he really was interested or he acted that, but it was nice though. The suit he designed for her is so gorgeous! I can't wait to see it when it's finished. My aunt is also not the thinnest person, so she's so freaking happy that she's getting a suit that is going to be just perfect for her. She even cried.

Last friday I had a movie marathon with two of my best friends, Jasper and Evi. Those two are just crazy as hell. I'm also really nuts, so with us three together it's just.. Not normal anymore.. Let's put it that way haha. We wanted to look Pirates of the Cariben 1,2 and 3. But We only looked 1 and we looked Bee Movie. Oh my gosh, that movie is so funny! Haha. And we had way to much candy and chips! I was nauseous for 2 days. I still am actually haha. We also had to walk the dog and I brought the camera, so we made a lot of pictures. But I'm going to post them later.

And some good news! Last saturday my ex-boyfriend, or should I say boyfriend, got back together! I can't stop laughing haha. So I've had a really good week. And today it was warm and then I mean really warm. But when the cloudes were there, it was getting cold. To bad though.
This was what I was wearing today.

Cardigan, H&M
Dress, Fornarina
Necklace, Ilovevintage
Pumps, vintage
Wristband, Lowlands 2007

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another boring day with a pair of shorts and wanting a ticket to the past

This is just getting absolutely ridiculous! This is my firth week of vacation and since the beginning I haven't done anything. Except for a couple of days that I went shopping and I did something with friends. In total that were about 3 or 4 days. So you have to admit that this is getting ridiculous. And because I do nothing, I'm never tired. So in the evening I can't sleep haha. It's now 1:27 am and I should supose to be in bed. But the problem is, I can go lie in bed, but I'm not going to sleep. Hmm.. Maybe I can make some milk warm and drink it... In the good old days, when I was about 6 years, I got warm milk from my mother when I couldn't sleep... Maybe I should do that. So now I'm going downstairs to make it.

(Is back with warm milk)

As I was making it, I was thinking back to the good old days. When I was 6 years old and my biggest concern was if the doll I wanted, wasn't sold out. The time when you don't have to worry about school, because you have to finnish your paper on time. Playing with dolls get replaced by sitting behind the computer. Talking to your mom, get replaced by tons of homework. Oh dear, I want a ticket back to the past. Can someone give that to me?

Why does that time looks so much more colourfull? What is that? Okay, you don't have the sorrows, you don't have homework and you can play outside almost whole day long. The feeling that you can't go back is horrible and weird at the same time. 5 years ago (gosh, it's almost 6 years ago), I went to high school. And I didn't knew how to act. I was used to play outside on our breaks, but suddenly you had to sit still and talk to your friends. You couldn't ask 'can you play today?' anymore, because that wasn't 'cool'. And over the year, I got in huge fights with some friends, who aren't friends anymore. I got some difficulties with the subject math, because I just really sucked at that. I started to worry about that. And all of a sudden I wasn't that little girl anymore without concers. I got responsibility's. Responsibility's I still have. You have to this and you got to do that. And somewhere I don't mind, but when I'm lying in my bed and my window is open, I secretlty hope with my enormous fantasy, that Peter Pan stops by and takes me to Neverneverland.

Today I didn't felt like a dress or something, so I pulled out my shorts I haven't worn for months. I think the last time was in january. I just hate to wear shorts without tights, I think that's because I just hate my legs, when something is above my knees. Even now, when I'm looking at those pictures I think "Oh my gosh, my legs look fat". And then I'm wondering if I even could wear shorts, because my legs are to fat for that. This is also why I hate summer. Warmth, what means that it's to warm for tights. That means you can see your legs. But now it's past 2 o'clock in the middle of the night so I'm off the bed.

Shirt, American Vintage
Hat, H&M
Necklace, can't remember
Short, can't remember
Tights, H&M
Shoes, Minnetonka

Saturday, June 21, 2008

We lost

Everything here in the Netherlands was about football. Football this, football that. We won against Italy, we won against France, we won against Roemenia and we lost against Russia. How is that possible?! Yes, I watched football. It's weird though, because I always said that it's just a couple of men who were running after a stupid ball. We lost 3 - 1. We all are in grief. Stupid football. Stupid Russia (no offence). Not even my cute little flower dress can't make me happy.

Cardigan, H&M
Dress, vintage
Waistbelt, vintage
Tights, H&M
Pumps, vintage

Edit: A couple of hours later my dress did made me happy.