Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heard you in a song, carrying your tune again. Could not sing along, cause I was feeling blue again

Goodness, I'm so sorry for the vague pictures. The settings of my camera weren't checked at the beginning, so when I wanted to edit them, I found out they weren't good. My mom makes the pictures most of the time, so I'm seriously going to give her a photography course! Plus she always wanted one, so I kill two birds with one stone.
Anyhow, I got this wonderful green dress from Glamorous UK! I wanted to post these pictures for ever, but with my computer breaking and Italy, I didn't got around to do it.
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I'm wearing an Asos floral jacket, Glamorous UK dress, Warehouse for Asos satchel and JC lita's.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just a little hello

I haven't disappeared from the earth folks! Tuesday evening I came home from Italy with my boyfriend, cleaned my room yesterday and today my computer decided to annoy the hell out of me and give me a black screen. Just at the moment I wanted to write something new. I wanted to kick my computer back to where it came from, but that wouldn't helped me at all, wouldn't it?
Gladly I already wanted to go to my grandparents house, so now I can use their computer to write this. Though the thing is so slow, that I'm eating my nails from frustration. And my grandfather still claims it's fast. Sure grandpa.
Anyway, I immediately brought it to this smart and kind guy who can repair it. I'm going to give him a big kiss if he can save my pictures! Hopefully my boyfriend won't get jealous now, haha.
I'm going to leave you with a picture from Italy and for the love of god, hopefully till next week!
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Ok and a picture from what I found in the Zara sale (except the green one)Image Hosted by

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New in: Wedges

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These Benched wedges are from Jeffrey Campbell. Another pair of him I've been eyeing for a long time and finally decided to get!
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I showed these a while ago and doubted to get them or not. I showed them to my mom and she loved them so much she wanted them too. She offered to pay the half of them, with the thought she could wear them as well.

Let the rays of sun begin! Pronto!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Here's looking at you kid

At first I really have to tell you all some BIG news! I got accepted by AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute)!!!!!!11!!!1! When I tried to get in, I thought I completely screwed up my admission interview and assignment. I thought they weren't that positive and criticized my 'romantic' style. And I was as nervous as a chihuahua. When the interview was done, you couldn't see the difference between my face and hair.
When I got my letter and opened it, I wasn't really nervous, because I expected a no. But it was a yes! I screamed and jumped around like a mad men! The chihuahua turned into a labrador. Happy happy puppy! All the misery and stress is over and next school year I'll be a fashion student in Amsterdam. Aawh yeah!

Anyhow, now something else. Due to my never ending wishlist (damn you fast forwarding fashion!), I'm constantly on the hunt for the next item to cross off. But some items give me a hard time. The yellow maxiskirt was that item. I'm really picky when it comes to clothes, since I often find things not good enough. So by the time I finally found a yellow maxi skirt that met my expectations, it was already sold out in my size.
So when Jovonnista contacted me to choose an item, I was thrilled that they had the perfect yellow maxi skirt in my size! It's so flowy I'm gonna die!! I combined the skirt with a slightly oversized peplum tee (which sometimes makes me look rather boxy), some flatforms to give me more height and my awesome sunglasses. These sunglasses make me feel so cool. Pretty much all these items are new.
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I'm wearing a Topshop peplum tee and shopper, Asos sunglasses, bracelets and flatforms, my grandfathers watch, Tiffany & Co necklace and Jovonnista skirt.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back from Belgium

Yesterday afternoon I got back from holiday in the Belgian Ardennes with my boyfriend and his family. We stayed in Bertrix, a small village. We went to Bouillon, a place near the French border, and to Luxembourg. I absolutely loved Luxembourg, it's a gorgeous city.
Next week Sunday I'll be going to Italy for a week. Camping again with zhe boyfriend. I'm just hoping the weather will be fantastic!
Hereby are some pictures I made through instagram while being in Belgium. My boyfriend also made some, so I think I will get them somewhere soon. Now I just hope I can convince my mom to make some outfit shots today, because I got this amazing yellow skirt from Jovonnista.
View from our tent
And our tent wasn't completely resistant to rain
And a storm

These pictures were taken in Bouillon


I also get the question a lot what my instagram name is and that is just like my blogname, DailyFashionBoost. I still need to find a new blogname, since I don't like it for years now, but nothing seems good enough.