Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New in: Fendi t-straps

Got these amazing Fendi t-straps in sale and they already are one of my faves. Can't wait to wear them with bare legs and midi skirts!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I thought you'd still be mine, when I kissed you goodbye

Here I am wearing the corduroy skirt from the last post. Stupidly enough it's a size too big, because I thought it had an elastic waistband, so a size bigger wouldn't matter. I should have looked better. That's what you get with internet sale shopping. You just get to eager. So my solution for the weekend was to move the button, but for a long time solution I need to make the skirt about 3 inches smaller in the waist, if it isn't more. I'm just bummed out the skirt makes me look bigger than I actually am right now.
Anyhow, I combined it with a lace top that I got in sale last year in Harrods, my red satchel and some Zara wedges also from last year. That I've added these shoes to this outfit was an unexpected twist for me, because it didn't felt like my outfit was 'balanced'. Don't actually know why I went for it anyway, but even though it didn't felt balanced, it did felt right.

Thanks to my boyfriend for making these shots. He pretty much has the best place to take outfit shots without going somewhere for a nice background.

I'm wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs lace top, Asos skirt, Topshop necklace and camera ring, Dahlia ring,Urban Outfitters satchel and Zara wedges.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keep your lips on me, try as hard as you might

So this is what I was wearing last Monday. I was in the centre of my city, Amersfoort, and I already expressed my love for it so many times on my blog that I'm not going to do it again! Even though I just love it so much! It's even better than Amsterdam if you ask me.
Anyhow, got this darling coat, dress and cardigan when I was in London. I have a hard time not wearing these items constantly. They're so comfortable, yet cute. I was craving for this dress since September and I was so happy that I got it at last. Even in sale, which made it better! I'm very pleased I can wear things like this in this time of the year. It really isn't cold when there isn't a lot of wind. It's just chilly, that's all. I hope it will stay like this for the rest of the winter!

I'm wearing a Dahlia coat, dress, cardigan, ring and bracelet, seiko watch, Miu Miu bag, H&M hat and shoes I don't know.

Here's another song I've been listening a lot too. I want to dance right away when I hear it.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kiss my gentle burning bruise, I'm lost in time

Life has been a bit boring lately. Because of all the rain you couldn't really do something. Good thing there were some dry moments and I had the opportunity to make some photo's. But also I don't really know what to do. At the moment I don't have work and no school, so I don't have obligations to keep me busy. Though I should start at my new work somewhere this month!

Anyhow, now about my outfit. I wore this dress on Christmas eve when we were celebrating Christmas at my boyfriends parents home with his family. I didn't wore the dress like this, because I was being lazy and wore it with some black flat suede boots and no accessories. Ever since I got this dress, I planned to wear it like this, but never got around to do it. I did now, obviously.
I think this is one of the best dresses ever from Dahlia. All their dresses are wonderful, but this one got me head over heels. I think the whole a/w collection is one of Dahlia's best!
Image Hosted by

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I'm wearing a Topshop hat, Dahlia dress, Asos wedges and a Mulberry bag.

Here's a song that I'm listening to over and over. I'm pretty much raping the replay button. It's just sick.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I wear my heart on my sleeve

First outfit of 2012! I really think it's awful to make outfit shots during the winter months. It's way too cold! I'm out of my mind that I do this. Anyhow, what do you think of this dress that I got from Dahlia? In 2010 I got it in blue, so also having this dress in burgundy is pretty much awesome. It was my favourite piece for a very long time! I'm such a sucker of flow-y fabrics and everything that emphasize my waist. I'm wearing this dress with my new Topshop hat! Finally a change of hats! And with a rather old pair of anklebooties. I don't wear them often, because they don't really suit me anymore. That's what you get after 2 years I think.
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I'm wearing a River Island coat, Dahlia heart print Joy dress, Topshop hat, Miu Miu bag, my great grandmothers necklace and Givenchy anklebooties.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hey there 2012, how is it to be here?

Since the weather is dreadful over here, I couldn't make outfit shots as I had planned. So here are some photo's from my Iphone from the beginning of December till now.
I hope I can make an outfit shot tomorrow!
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