Monday, November 17, 2008

Lace, lace and lace

Gosh, I hate mondays. They always make me tired. I'm wondering wich fool came up with this. Oh well. I was wearing my lace shirt from Fornarina, which I bought last year in London. I never wore it before, if I have to be honest. I have no clue how to combine it. Except for this time. Even though it's a simple outfit. This is the only outfit I can come up with. Does anyone have a clue how to combine it? Really, the only thing I'm thinking about today is lace.

This is the lace shirt. So, can anyone help me?
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And this is my way. Pretty simple.
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Lace shirt, Fornarina
Dark blue dress, American Vintage
Tights, H&M
Heels, Nine West
Grape necklace, vintage
Bow, Six


Fannah said...

The red is really pretty with it, so is the necklace but I would maybe put some regular shirt under the lace top in stead of on it, maybe combine it with some red (or maybe even white?) high-waisted skirt? Just an idea, I have no idea how that would look.

Anonymous said...

the most amazing style, indeed. oh, i want to make a nice personal even if simple layout. how did you learn?

Zoƫ said...

i love that lace top/dress.
oh i linked you to my blog if thats okay.


Eli said...

I remember when we had that top in the store. It was so odd, as to why I didnt get it. There was a matching pair of lace leggings, I supposed they were supposed to be work together?

Hippiegirl said...

thank you :)
great outfit,
love that lace!

yulan. said...

zo is ie ook heel leuk hoor!

Anonymous said...

I <3 it this way :] couldn't overdo you!

Katherine said...

Nice shoes :]

Fannah said...

Just wondering.. I just made a new blog and put you in my favorite blogs-list. Could you perhaps link me back? It's not necessary or anything and I'd still link you if you don't, but it would be nice ;)

Anonymous said...

The lace shirt is lovely :). I'm really jealous!

Nadine said...

wow i loooove your shoes!!

Persy said...

The combination with the lace shirt is quite well done this way. I admire your courage in using simple ways for your clothing style, though when you wear it, it doesn't look simple at all. You're just made to look good.

Good, nice and warm blog :] I really like your style!

Maria said...

I really like the way you styled it! Black lace is so hot. And you're shoes are amazing by the way!

Rebecca said...

Erg sexy maar niet ordi, eerder klassiek en stijlvol! Heel mooi! Ben echt dol op je stijl <33

Geloof me, dat ga je nog vaak horen!

Demi said...

thank you for visiting my blog! :)
i love your way of wearing that shirt! you have great style!!
could we trade links please?

Sam said...

Thank you all for those lovely comments!

@ Demi
Sure we can trade links! I will put your in my link list.

Sam said...

@ Fanna
Natuurlijk, ik zal je terug linken ;) Zet je er zo bij

Demi said...

thank you :)
yes i have now :)

TheMinx said...

I looove the red shoes!

Iris said...

I love lace <3. Moet ook nog echt even zoiets kopen