Friday, November 14, 2008

And I'm singing "oh oh" on a friday night

Weekend! I had a short schoolday and after school my mom picked me up and went out for lunch. We both had a burger and some frites. But not fastfood like. This was way better. And healthier though. But now I'm going to post my pictures fast, because Little house on the prairy is on tv!
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Too bad it was already getting dark when I made the pictures, but this is better than taking them inside. Those came out very ugly. Not that these are good, but better than inside.

Cardigan, H&M
Blouse, Fornarina
Skirt, selfmade
Waistbelt, Blue Vintage
Tights, Steps
Heels, Bertie
Scarf, Steps


Anonymous said...

Realllyyy nice outifit! :D

Anonymous said...

Your blog is my absolute favorite! I love everything you wear and get so much inspiration from you!!! <3

Anonymous said...

I'm totally in love with your blog girl!! You really should be a model or something like that...

Anonymous said...

Oh, die serie is echt geweldig! Ik heb alleen dat stukje gezien vandaag waar ze met zijn allen bij elkaar waren om een kind te zoeken, klopt dat? Heb het niet helemaal meegekregen!

Je blouse is echt prachtig, mooie combinatie <33

x Rebecca

Ana said...

I love those heels with those tights. Very cool. Your blog makes me miss Holland.

Merily said...

You look lovely, your hair, the shoes and bow blouse, just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Die groene cardigan is errug leuk!

Weet je ook al wat je wilt met je haarkleur? :)

Sam said...

Thank you all! ^^

@ Betty Lou
Aaah thank you! That's so sweet!

@ Anoniem
Thanks! But I'm waay to short and I'm not thin enough to be a model. But it's really sweet of you to say that!

@ Rebecca
Dankje! En ja, Carrie was in een gat gevallen. Dus ze waren haar aan het uitgraven, wat niet helemaal wou lukken.

@ Marina
Thanks and sure. I will add you to my links

@ Andere anoniem
Dankje! En nee, zit nog steeds heeeel erg te twijfelen... Denk dat het voorlopig nog blond blijft. Of wit, zoals sommige het noemen