Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bad blogger

I kind of promised to post everyday. At least I promised to try to post everyday. I kind of (pretty bad) failed with that. Now it's since 55 minutes saturday and I'm tired and I don't have an outfit shot, because I didn't made them the intire week. I blame school. But I finished my dress for school and still have to do a lot of things (it's going to be SO busy the next couple of weeks. Or days). I'll show you my new selfmade dress, for school, tomorrow. Oh no, later on this day. It's so cute. I'm also going to my potential intership today. Hopefully she will hire me. Not looking too much forward to my intership, but thank god I don't have to work in a clothes store. If you go back to the month May in 2008 you will read what a complete disaster that was and how miserable I was feeling. That was also one of the reasons boyfriend and I broke up for about a month. Talking about bad times. And when my intership of last year ended, I wasn't even happy! I felted so dissatisfied. I really going to hope that isn't going to be the case this year. So for now 1 question. Did some of you have an experience with bad internships?

P.S. I promise you an outfit today!
Slap me if I'm not going to post anything. Wait, please don't. Just tell me I'm being utterly annoying.


Anonymous said...

Meid, voel je er niet rot om, iedereen heeft het wel eens druk. Ik ben benieuwd naar je outfit en jurk!
Ik hoop dat je wordt aangenomen en dat het je daar bevalt!

xxxxx Rebecca

Ellie Lee said...

Aw, hope everything goes well for you; with your internship; and your emotions regarding your ex and all:S

Can't wait to see your new dress! Love that dress from your previous post; and I am IN LOVE with your hair!! It's so so pretty!

And lucky girl! For getting that gorgeosu pair of shoe and cardigan frm Chloe!

Demi said...

good luck with your internship honey!! :D


Parapluie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your dress!
By the way, I awarded you :)

DaisyChain said...

looking forward to your next outfit post =)

Anonymous said...

Héél begrijpelijk dat je het druk hebt of misschien even geen zin hebt om te posten! Niks mis mee!

Maar natuurlijk wel jammer als je beloofd een outfit te posten en die post komt er maar niet;)

Maargoed ik weet natuurlijk niet de reden daarvan dus ik mag eigenlijk niet oordelen.

Ben wel heel benieuwd naar een outfitpost! :D