Thursday, July 16, 2009

Italy, Iseo

I told about a week ago that I went to Italy last monday and now I am in Italy! With the lovely Evi who just got back from a shower and said that she couldn't get my mascara from her eyelashes. So I'm sitting here half in the sun, a bit sun burned (a part of my lower arm and my hands, so it looks like I'm wearing red gloves. Bit strange) looking at a lake and some amazing mountains. The scenery is still gorgeous after 11 years. How can it not be? I'm glad I'm back here again. I'm not going to post that much though, because I'm just not feeling like sitting behind a computer. Or in this case a laptop.

Now I'm going to tell what I did past 4 days. Monday when we arrived (we were here at about 2:30 in the afternoon) we ate something first. We were absolutely starving! After that Evi and I putted on our bikini's and went with Alex (a friend of mine since I was 5. We kind have a love/hate affair) on a little boat trip. His little boat that has 9 HP (PK?). We went on a cruise on the lake. Oh, I missed that! We went for a swim in the middle of the lake (almost the biggest lake of Italy. Lago di'Iseo!) and had some problems to get back in the boat. In the evening we went out for diner. First I had some melon with ham and after that I had a pizza Parma. Delicious. Got a tasty icecream after it and some cocktails.

Tuesday I was incredibly moody and tired. Too many cocktails I think (I usually don't drink, so I'm not used to it). First we had breakfast and after breakfast I took a little nap. That was good for me, because after that I wasn't tired anymore! We again had a boattrip, but this time we were away for about 1,5 hour. We were lazy that day and didn't do anything exited.

Wednesday started as a rainy day. When I woke up I heard the raindrops falling on my tent. Not that hard at first. Went to my moms tent (way bigger) and sat there for an hour or so, because it rained really hard. When it stopped Evi and I went into Iseo. Shopping ofcourse! She bought the cutest little dress and I a green short and 2 sleeveless blouses. A blue one with ruffles and a white one with roses. When we got back we asked if we could go to the Outlet Centre. There was a Fornarina store! Everything from last summer and so much discount! Yes, we bought a lot of stuff! I purchased 7 items and Evi about 6 and a pair of lovely shoes. After that we got back to the camping and took a dive into the lake and after that we ate our diner. Wich was horrible by they way... It was really nasty! Sticky nasi. After diner we got ready to go out. The beginning of going out wasy fun. The end sucked to my opinion.

Can't tell about today, because the battery is empty! You can still vote! Till an other day!


Maria Confer said...

Sounds like you are having such a wonderful time!! I must go to Italy some day!!

Anonymous said...

First comment ;)

Hope you enjoy your vacation, and show us some pictures asap!



DaisyChain said...

I have always wanted to visit Italy.

jennifer jacobs said...

Geniet van je vakantie!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're having fun in Italy right now...Show us some pictures too!

Eli said...

have so much fun!

Sasi said...

I'm so glad to hear Italy never disappoints:)

Light Stealer said...

Oh, that's so cool..!

I'm in Italy too (I'm Italian, but live in the UK most of the time) and currently at my boyf's near Venice...

Where are you now?
Show us some pics! ;)

Sam said...

Thanks for the lovely comments! And don't worry about the photos, because I made more than 500 of them!

@ Light Stealer
How cool that you live in the UK most of the time. I really like the UK, just like Italy. Today I went to Venice, so I was pretty near you haha.

Right now I'm at the camping in Iseo. That's about 2 hours away from Venice! And the pictures are coming this weekend I think!

Dodo said...

I"ve tagged you (voor zoverre je dat al niet vaak genoeg gehad hebt :P)


Italy? Lucky!!

And I'm loving your blog! Your style is so quirky and fun! I might get a little obsessed..

And thanks for the comment!