Monday, September 7, 2009

Answers part 1

Before I answer your questions, I want to let you know that there's also an outfit in this post plus some photos of London! And another thing. I interviewed 2 lovely Dutch girls, so their interviews are coming soon!

What’s your favorite book that you read this summer?
I haven’t read a lot this summer. But the books that I did read where from the Little house on the prairie series! Even though it's officially a children book, I still really liked to read it! Maybe it’s silly…

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Are you going to sell your selfmade dresses and skirts in future?
I don’t know yet actually. It’s a lot of work and I’m used to make my dresses in a size s! And the most dresses that I’ve made were from patterns I made myself! But who knows?

Was your Viktor & Rolf bag very expensive?
Everything from Viktor & Rolf is expensive, haha. But I got the bag in the sale, so I saved really a lot of money! It was still pretty darn expensive, but a little bit more affordable.

Are you doing a fashion education?
Yes, I am! And after this education I would love to learn how to make shoes!

I’m curious how you get the money for those wonderful shoes. Do you get it from your parents or do you have a wonderful secret job?
There are 2 ways about how I get my shoes! The first one is that I don’t spend a lot of money on my clothes. I almost always buy vintage clothes, so I save more money and after a while I have enough to afford shoes like I have! And the second one is that my dad likes to shop with me! And I almost always get a pair of gorgeous shoes from him! I never get shoes like I get from my dad from my mom. But that’s because they both live in a different situation and all (divorced parents). And another thing. I got the most of them on sale! Saves you a lot of cash.

Do you think having a blog influence your style?
I think it does. You can always look back what sort of outfits you’ve worn and while looking at an outfit you can think ‘I can do that different and wear those shoes with this top’ and so go on. And with that you keep evolving your style.
And with reading my favorite blogs, I really love it and sometimes I do get inspired by it, but it doesn’t affect me when I’m shopping. I rarely have that I see something on a fashionblog and think ‘I really need something like that!’. I’ve had it once in the year and 4 months that I’ve been a blogger.

Which bands and artists have you seen on Lowlands?
I’ve seen Delain, Opeth, Sonata Artica, Bring me the Horizon, Enter Shikari, Snoop Dog, Lily Allen (she was so amazing!), The Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Peaches and The Living End. Not much, but there were also other things to do than just watching at bands!

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Do you have tips for people on a shopping budget?
Be very very critical! By every single item that you have in your hand and think about buying, ask yourself these questions: ‘do I really need it ? (I don’t always take this question seriously, since I don’t need new clothes for the rest of my life! Or shoes…)’, ‘do I already have something like this?’, ‘How can I combine it?’, ‘do I just want this to buy something for the fun or because I really like it?’ and the most important one ‘do I really love it that much as I think I do?’. When you’re doubting about it, don’t buy it! Just don’t. If you regret it later (next day, not the same day), go back and try it on again and ask yourself these questions again! If you do really love it (only do it when you really really love it!) buy it! If you still are doubting, don’t do it. When you’re on a budget, I think you should only buy clothes you absolutely love. So in that way, you can create a closet where you love every single piece of clothing that you own! You should actually also do that, when you’re not even on a budget. Lately I’ve been buying clothes and I want to wear every single piece every day! And I think it’s important to create something like that!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Oh, hard one… I’m almost officially an adult (end of this month), so when do I actually grow up? I’m still feeling like a child. But.. I would love to have my own shoe brand! Something like Christian Louboutin! Not the style, but something that will be really successful. Something you can really recognize that it is designed by me!

What season do you like most and why?
Fall!! The weather isn’t too cold or too warm and I love it when the leaves are changing from color.

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And now my outfit! I think it isn't one of my nicest outfits, but I do think it's fun. But that's just what I think. Photos are made by boyfriend. Haha, yes, again!
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H&M hat, cardigan and tights
Vintage dress and purse
Fornarina half moon necklace
o144 shoes, bought in the Dahlia store

And now the London photos! These photos are from the room! And sorry that some are dark, had some problems with the light. And ehm... I stole the big room ^^
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And another thing! I'm in the latest issue of N.E.E.T. Magazine! Maybe you like it to check it out.


Anonymous said...

Ik vind het juist een geweldig outfitje! (Suz) said...

ziet er mooi uit :)! en leuk om je antwoorden te lezen ;). en leuk jurkje! haha.

Unknown said...

Shoes on sale are a definite godsend! I do love your shoe collection. And the pastel floral dress is so pretty.

Liset said...

Wat een prachtige kamer hadden jullie in Londen! Wauw! Ook leuk om de Q&A te lezen :-)

Ilse said...

leuke Q&A, dus zó heb jij zoveel mooie schoenen, sale en vrijgevige papa hihi. mijn papa vindt mijn schoenen altijd heel lelijk :<
geweldige kamer in London trouwens!

Jane said...

wore the same tights today :-)

I really love to read children books to, my favourites are the dolly books by enid blyton, so lovely.

Anonymous said...

What a cute look again :).

Anonymous said...

Mooie jurk & leuke antwoorden op je vragen ;)

Ruxandra said...

again, a super cute said you saw razorlight live, are they really good?because i love love that band but never had the chance to see them live...

Tessa said...

Wauw, die hotelkamer in Londen is super mooi!! en leuke outfit weer ^^

Anonymous said...

Welk hotel is dat?
Prachtig gewoon.

Stéphanie said...

Lovely pictures !

vallerie said...

die kamer past echt bij jou vind ik! ;)

Kati said...

Wow, your room was fantastic!
And I like the dress you wear, too!