Friday, September 25, 2009


Again sorry for not posting so much. I'm SO busy with school that it isn't fun anymore! I have so many assignments that I'm getting sick of it. This thursday I have to turn in a blazer and I even haven't really started on it... Pretty bad, but I almost have no time to make it. So this weekend I have to work hard.
I wanted to post something, but due to some problems I can't post it anymore! I will post it as soon a possible!
Tuesday I will post a new outfit! I promise! Really. For now you have to do it with some old outfits I've never posted before.
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In London wearing a Dahlia playsuit and Viktor & Rolf bag!
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Something I wore in the summervacation before we went to London!
Wearing a Fornarina blouse, Rose B. shorts and M by MJ peeptoe's.
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Around the same time as the outfit above!
Wearing a H&M Divided hat, Fornarina top, pants that I 'stole' (it got too small) from my dad and Dsquared2 peeptoe's.
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An outfit from before the summer vacation started!
Wearing a vintage dress, Steps tights and Fornarina heels.
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This outfit is also from before the summer vacation started!
Wearing a See by Chloé cardigan, Episode dress, H&M tights, hat from the party store and Fornarina heels.

And the last outfit that's really old! From April... Don't know why I've never posted it before... Oh well, better late than never.
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Vintage dress and belt, Viktor & Rolf scarf and ofcourse the Fornarina heels!

Hope you'll forgive me for not posting so much!


Unknown said...

love the third outfit!

robin sue said...

jeetje, ik vind al je outfits zo leuk!

Helen said...

don't be sorry! i've really enjoyed looking through these outfits anyway, i love that polka dot top.

heleen said...

Van waar heb je het kettinkje met het sleuteltje? Zó lief! :)

Raisa said...

Woah~ those heels are...HIGH!

Love your outfits! <3

i was tall are you in cm?

Sam said...

Thank you all so much!^^
@ Heleen
Ik heb dat kettinkje uit de ILV Temporary Boutique! Geloof niet dat er nog een is...

@ Raisa
Thank you!^^ And I'm not so tall. Only 164 cm. In some way I always seem tall in photos. Don't know why...

Mo said...

love the shorts, LOVE the shoes !

eednic said...

you look so cute in all of those outfits! i LOVE those Dsquared pumps. totally rad.

Anonymous said...

De outfit met het polkadottopje is zooo ontzettend tof!

Kellie said...

Great outfits! :D I love the first one, and the yellow and purple one! :) Your outfits always have such nice color combinations!

LAB said...

Echt schattige outfits !
En ik ben verliefd op je sleutel-kettinkje <3


The High Heel Times said...

Wow, so many pictures again! The red peep toes are lovely and cute, but I like that Dsquared2 pump even better!

julie said...

those striped heel shoes are awesome! the polka top outfit is soooo cute! I am so jealous of all your clothes!!!

Lidia Greenland and Xoana Doofenshmirtz said...

I love your style!I talked about you and your blog in my blog!Your style is amazing!!Thank you !

My blog is :

Eli said...

you wear the Fornarina heels so well! I have a blue velvet pair but they hurt my feet so so much that I rarely wear them!!

daisychain said...

you ALWAYS look amazing. always

Liset said...

Allemaal superleuke outfits, succes met je blazer!

Marie said...

haha, your as tall as me then :P great outfits! hope your school gets less busy :) (Suz) said...

2e en 3e outfit vind ik heel leuk! die gestippelde top en groene shortje zijn erg leuk! succes met je blazer, ik hoop dat het goed komt ;)!

Malu Keizer-Swartjes said...

Superleuk allemaal:D
Ik had meteen zin om je nieuwe post te gaan lezen toen ik het zag!


Anonymous said...

je groene shorts en die grijze cardi zijn geweldig!!

Anonymous said...

Een reeks geweldige outfits! Vind de outfit van London en die met die broek echt geweldig!

Wat jij ook draagt, je ziet er altijd schitterend uit!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those striped peep toes are beyond fabulous!

Louise Stubbe said...

the peep toes are sick with the red/white stripes, so jealous ;)

Anonymous said...

geweldige outfit waarin je de broek van je paps leent!

Anne-Catherine said...

Je hebt echt een super style! En over dat je het te druk hebt, I know how u feel! verschrikkelijk! Waarom is je blog eigenlijk in het Engels? Liefs, Anne-Catherine

Jess said...

Wow, wat een mooie outfits! Je hebt het echt een eigen stijl. Super!


Jane said...

hey sam!
I just really love the outfit with your dad's pants. it looks gorgeous and of course your dsquared shoes are so hot.
at what school do you actually study fashion? could you maybe show some of the stuff you'd do make for school and stuff like that? I know you just did a question&answer post, but I'm really interested in it, cause I'd love to study in holland.
xxx, jane

Sam said...

Thank you all so much!^^

@ MissKellie
Thank you so much! That's so sweet from you :)

@ Dexter
Those Dsquared2 peeptoe's are indeed better! ;)

@ Lidia Greenland and Xoana Doofenshmirtz
Aah, thank you! That's so sweet ^^ I'm immediatly going to look at it!

@ Eli
Thanks! They are indeed pretty painfull. But I putted an (how do you call that?) extra sool in it, because it was a size too big. Now they're really comfortabel!

@ Malu
Aah, dat is zo lief ^^ Dankje!

@ Rebecca
Je geeft altijd van die lieve reacties! Ik vind ze dan natuurlijk altijd leuk om te lezen, haha.

@ Japke
Dankje en ik heb die broek eigenlijk van hem overgenomen x] Hij het weggooien en dat mocht niet van mij!

@ Anne-Catherine
Dankje! En ja, ik heb de hele dag aan die verrotte colbert gewerkt. Ding is nog steeds niet af. En ik schrijf het in het Engels omdat het dan toegankelijker is. Mensen uit andere landen kunnen het dan ook lezen. En natuurlijk is mijn Engels niet perfect, maar het is goed te begrijpen en ik ben geen Engels student, dus perfectie hoef je ook niet te verwachten ;)

@ Jane
Thank you!^^
And I study fashion at the Dudok college in Hilversum. And at the moment I'm busy with a horrible jacket that I don't even want to make! But we have to sadly enough. I'll show my raincoat I have to make in a couple of months! I promise!

Helen said...

Such amazing style!! Looks like you're not afraid to play with colors, and you do it so well.

Laia said...

LOVE the Dahlia playsuit in the first pic and the shoes in the second!

hey I have seen you around Chictopia, I am tsu_rabu there xxx

Eunice said...

love all your outfits. you always make me covet your wardrobe! and you mentioning fornarina made me homesick for hong kong. i haven't been to one of fornarina's stores in a long time!

Marmelindela said...

Wow, zo veel! Alles is gaaf, maar die Dsquared2 peeptoe's zijn echt geweldig. Ze doen me aan zuurstokken denken. Mooi mooi mooi.

Imelda said...

Echt een voor een geweldige outfits! Ik ben echt jaloers op al je kleren, schoenen, enz.

LAYNE said...

I love everything as usual. but esp the green shorts and the hair bow. you are so stunning :)


Clara Campelo said...

great looks.
i love your skirt and shoes.


Unknown said...

Echt geweldig allemaal!

Fashion Insanity said...

Wat een super outfits allemaal zeg!! Geweldige stijl heb je!

Jip said...

wow, i don't know are you dutch?
waar heb je die V&R sjaal gekocht/were dit you buy the V&R scarf??