Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boots and boys, they bring me so much joy

These are the days that I want longer, curly hair. These are the days I want warm weather and say f*ck you to Mother Nature and I'm dressing like it's spring. As long as I don't have to go outside it's all fine, since it's nice and warm inside.
It's a day that nothing can bring me down. No cold legs, no cranky mom (though she isn't cranky a lot anymore these days!), not a dad who keeps repeating that I have to watch my money.
Somewhere this all sounds negative oddly enough. It isn't. I'm feeling happy and relaxed. The sun is shining, it's spring in my room, the long curly hair will come some day, I really like my internship and the birds are whistling. And my lace dress from Dahlia is also helping, haha! Got 2 outfits to show you with that dress. An outfit from Sunday and from today.

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Anna van Toor leather jacket
Dahlia lace dress and watch necklace
Tights I have no idea
Chloé booties

Last Sunday
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H&M cardigan
Dahlia dress
Miss Sixty floral tights
M by MJ bag
Hat from my mom
Necklace was a gift
Topshop platforms

And one more thing from Dahlia that came in the mail. I adore it!
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Cait said...

The dahlia playsuit is perfect! Mine just arrived in the mail today and I'm in love.

Raquel said...

you look lovely even if you don't hair long and curly :) and I totally understand you, I so want spring to come!

Posh said...

Echt prachtig, je kunt trots zijn op je stijl!

Ineke said...

The pictures in the lace dress, are gorgeous!!


PUNKIE said...

ooooh you are so lovely! great looks!
and the boots are simply perfect!

Laia said...

I envy you for having those shoes from Topshop! There's only left one size in black and it's too big for me....

that playsuit from Dahlia looks lovely as well, I can't wait to see how you wear it!

Anonymous said...

i'm actually incapable of finding any words to describe how i feel about these two sets, i just love them! you look like a vintage princess and you inspire me every time i read your new note :)

Vivian said...

super leuke kleren!!! vooral dat leren jasje en die laarjes<3! ik ga je volgen=]

Diana said...

That lace dress is stunning.

daisychain said...

you always look so damn lovely

Imelda said...

Moest ik die Chloé-laarsjes hebben, man ik zou ze constant aanhebben en er zelfs in slapen denk ik! Echt zooooo Mooi!

Unknown said...

Geweldig jurkje en geweldige outfits, vooral die met je bloemenpanty <3.

Kellie said...

Your dress is so pretty! :) It's perfect for almost-spring days! And your rose tights are adorable!! :D


Casey Lewis said...

There's an outfit in Alice Ritter's fall collection that is SO SIMILAR to your second outfit! Love it.

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) said...

dat mutsje staat je echt leuk <3 vind het jasje van de eerste outfit erg leuk en de panty van de tweede

SophieSweetVintage said...

Mooie outfits! En dat laatste exemplaar van Dahlia is echt geweldig. Fijn om in je brievenbus te krijgen :-) Ben benieuwd hoe deze je weer staat!

Roos said...

ik vind je haar heel erg leuk! maar had jij niet vroeger (nog op girlscene) een beetje dat 'emo-haar' dat was heeeel lang waren dat extensions?

Kookie B. said...

i love so many things here! the Chloe boots, the TS platforms, the navy dress!

Awesome finds, dear!

Do send me some love over at deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com


Ma princesse de pêches said...

So pretty. You're gorgeous and so is your style. Keep it up, I love reading it
xx. Peach Princess ♥

Sophie said...

Hey. I love your blog! This may be a bit personal, but how do you afford all your beaaautiful shoes? And where do you get the designer ones? x

chelsea said...

You lace dress reminds me of Cecilia in The Virgin Suicides. It is just lovely.

Phuong said...

MOOI, staat je super goed! So cute ;)

Katherine Duffy said...

Ebay is a great place to look for cheap ($70 US) hair extensions! Might be fun to play with for spring

Fashion By He said...

great outfit, your style is awesome
really love the blog

want to link exchange?


lies said...

die tweede outfit is echt heel schattig.

Labyrinth said...

That lace dress is beautiful.

Une étincelle de mode said...

Love your bedroom, so romantic!!!


Anonymous said...

oh!your blog is great!:D

Anonymous said...

the dresses + the shoes are so beautiful


Malicious said...

Award voor jou :)


Nathalie said...

Wat een supermooie outfits! En je haar staat je zo schattig! <3

Little Bow Prep said...

What a fab outfit!

Caithlin said...

Both of those outfits are absolutely stunning - one of my favourites - and your new hairdo fits your clothing style so well :D

Anne-Catherine said...

I follow ur blog, ur sense of style is great!!! And your room looks soo nice and romantic!:) Your muct spend a lot of time on ur blog, I never manage...:s Congrats and good luck!!:D xxx

Roos said...

mooi man!
maar jij ziet er altijd een beetje satc uit vind ik heel mooi en luxe superleuk!

Léonie.Bird said...

Love your style darling <3
Please take a look at mine :


Chris W. said...

Loving your lace dress.