Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You're sleeping with the enemy

Last Saturday my weekend started. I went out for diner to a Japanese restaurant with my dad and a good friend. The food was delicious, but when we got back to the car, we smelled so bad! The clothes I wore still smell bad. Even my underwear! Good thing there's something like a washing machine. Sunday my dad, grandmother and me went out for lunch and after lunch we went to Amsterdam to the Bijenkorf. And yesterday... Well, yesterday was pure laziness, haha. I was sitting in my pyjama's till half past 3 in the afternoon. When I got dressed at 15:35 my dad and me went to his office to eat some cake with a colleague. When it was evening we ate sushi and I went back to my mom's home. Now it's Tuesday and my grandparents are here, because my mom will be gone till Friday or Saturday. So now I'm going to clean my room and work on the Topshop dress with bows on it! It's going to fit me perfectly when it's done!

I got 2 outfits for you. From yesterday and from Monday. I hate it to wear cardigans with these lovely playsuits, but when I went out of the house I did wore them obviously, haha.
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Dahlia playsuit
H&M white dotted tights
Ilovevintage.nl owlnecklace
Topshop platforms
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Dahlia playsuit
H&M dotted tigths

Would love to wear this when I'm in London with school in April! And yes, I just discovered polyvore, haha.
Topshop addicted


jennifer Jacobs said...

Je Dahlia jurkjes zijn echt super schattig. En ik wil je schoenen nog steeds! Echt balen dat ze mijn maat niet hadden in Newcastle & nu uitverkocht zijn op de online store ;(

Krista said...

je style is echt top!
echt heel lief, maar past echt super bij je, vind namelijk ook dat je een hele lieve uitstraling hebt :)
hoe maak jij je foto's? zelfontspanner? {beetje domme vraag denk ik, haha!}

Sam said...

@ Jennifer
Dank je! En zonde dat ze het niet hadden in Newcastle! Ik hoop voor je dat je ze alsnog vind!

@ Krista
Merci, merci!^^ En ik maak mijn foto's idd met zelfontspanner! Heerlijk gekloot x] Ik zet mijn camera dan neer op een tafel en op de tafel staat een hele stapel boeken, haha x]

@ Couture

Silvestre said...

oh, in first outfit I love shoes and thigs! So niiiiice.
Second dress is perfect.

Emlyn said...

I've been a long time reader because I love your outfits, as well your wardrobe is almost too impressive!

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) said...

leuk hoor, gave hakken!

Anonymous said...

Je hakken zijn prachtig. En je dekbed trouwens ook! En ja, het enige nadeel aan Japans/Chinees eten is inderdaad de lucht haha.

Une ├ętincelle de mode said...

This dresses are so cute!!!


Anonymous said...

Heel schattig! Je panty is heel mooi!

Masha said...

pretty blog)))


Anonymous said...

you've got really nice bedroom , i really like your floral blanket :D

Anonymous said...

Leuke oufit! En die schoenen zijn echt geweldig! Ik had ze ook in mijn Topshop wish-list staan, maar ze waren zo snel uitverkocht.

Kellie said...

I saw the first playsuit on Modcloth yesterday, and I fell in love with it! :D You look so cute!!

And Polyvore is so addictive, isn't it? Once you start, you'll never be able to quit!


Maria Confer said...

Your dahlia playsuits are to die for!!

Adore your pv outfit. So fitting for a spring trip to london.

Lulu Letty

Mo said...

PERFECT !! both of them !

anoniem said...

Jou style is echt zo leuk !

( http://mystylediaryy.blogspot.com/ )

Imelda said...

Beide outfits zijn super! Vooral die laatste, is mijn favoriet!

Vivian said...

omg die schoenen zijn geweldig mooi<3

In├ęs said...

i like the outfit,you are very beautiful

Alecca Rox said...

those dresses got so much character!

Sabina said...

i have those shoes!

SophieSweetVintage said...

Leuk dat je naar Londen gaat! Hoe lang?? Je hebt in ieder geval al de perfecte outfit! De strikjes maken de schoen. Sweet! :-)

The High Heel Times said...

Lovely outfits as always, you look cute again!

Luna said...

omg, how cute are those outfits.
I love both of the dresses, very playful and girlie and those Topshop platforms are amazing.

Theory of a fashion victim

Moomby said...

polyvore is awesome, and i'm still lovin your red hair!

Anonymous said...

you're going to school in london in april? how long will you be there? i'm studying in england soon too (i'm from the u.s.)!
cheers, dodgy

Anonymous said...

Wat toevallig dat jij in April met school naar Londen gaat, ik ga in mei met school :)

Beide outfits zijn echt heel mooi. Jij bent echt in het bezit van geweldige panty's!

Ohja, ik stop met mijn blog. Ik heb al een post geplaatst op mijn blog, maar ik blijf gewoon jouw blog checken!


Poly said...

I love your style!!!!

Sam said...

Thank you all so much ^^