Friday, April 23, 2010

Kiss that girl and I will shrink up

"And I will die and I will think up a thousand ways that I can hurt you.
And you'll never touch my hand"
Kate Nash

Her newest album 'My best friend is you' is really good if I say so myself. When I was at school today, it listened to it non stop. Very pleasant when you have a noisy class and you try to work hard on an assignment. I did finished it!

And I'm working out again. Went to the gym last Monday evening and yesterday evening again. Zumba! I'm working those hips baby, haha! I got some really bad muscular pain the past 3 days. The day before yesterday I couldn't even walk down the stairs decently. You should have seen it, it was hilarious.

It was my intention to post this last evening, but annoyingly enough my internet was having difficulties. Plus I'm very into wearing jeans again. I have this pair of jeans already for 3 years, but I only seem to wear it a lot now. And I got more jeans leggings. Those things are so amazingly comfortable!
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Vero Moda blazer
Dahlia lace vest
Topshop cropped lace floral top
Miss Sixty high waisted jeans
Vintage belt
Antique broche
Camden Market bunny necklace
Bally platforms
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag


Andrea said...


Une étincelle de mode said...

very good post: lovely face, lovely outfit as this nude blazer is great, lovely shoes!!!

Couture said...

Blazer en schoenen zijn prachtig!

Anonymous said...

you look just amazing!
i love vintage sets like yours!
it's one of my favourite from your wardrobe <3 (Suz) said...

heel leuk weer! mooi topje en mooie jeans

aujourd'hui said...

gorgeous top and impressive heels!
Lovely outfit.

aujourd'hui said...

gorgeous top and impressive heels!
Lovely outfit.

Anonymous said...

Leuke outfit weer, en die broek is leuk! Zat me al af te vragen waar je dat topje vandaan had, op 1 van je vorige foto's had je die ook al aan. In juni ga ik voor een paar dagen naar Londen, dus dan ga ik waarschijnlijk helemaal los bij Topshop, haha.

smurfkuh said...

Ja haar zit echt leuk! En je schoenen zijn super!

Alice In Fashionland said...

Beautiful outfit.... Love the blazer

Edith Elin G.R. said...

It's so weird look at you wearing jeans! Im so use to see you on dresses or some that stuff :p But You still looking cute:)
I'm so jeaolus of you here in Mexico the Kate Nash's Cd's are not available u_u

Aya Smith said...

You look so gorgeous! Your hair is amazing. And don't even get me started on these jeans! I have been on a desperate hunt for high-waisted jeans... these are beautiful!

Aya ♥

Inez said...

die tas is zo leuk zeg!!

Sanne said...

Geweldige schoenen heb je aan

Mo said...

i love your hair !!

Lyss said...

i love these high waisted jeans on you! and i want to try zumba! it looks so silly and fun!

The High Heel Times said...

What a lovely weather! You look cute as always, I like all the clothes and accessories!

Anonymous said...

Heerlijke seventies outfit! Je ziet er fantastisch uit!
Je straalt helemaal ☺

Shen Dove Style said...

Love the color palette of your outfit and your shoes are fantastic!

Georgia said...

Oooh lovely blazer.. And I listened to the new Kate Nash album as well, I was kinda shocked by one song, it was so.. explicit. For her if you know what I mean
It would be mine

Sam said...

Thank you all so much!^^

@ Maria
Haha, ja, dat topje had ik in de vorige post aan ^^ En alvast veel plezier in Londen! Ik zou maar flink gaan sparen als ik jou was ;) Gelukkig ga ik in augustus weer ^^

@ Georgia
Thanks! And I knew it right away which song you meant when you said you were shocked by one. The Mansion Song! I also thought 'what is this? This I am not used from her'. So I googled it and found and that she wants to warm woman for sexual abuse!

lovert said...

Wat een mooie outfit! Ik hou van jou stijl echt geweldig:)

Sam said...

Aah, dank je, dat is lief!^^

Jaclyn said...

Love your outfit!
I really like the lace vest!

Liset said...

Wat een prachtige look, staat je echt super!

Caithlin said...

I love the (lemme count..) sixth picture, it's so cute!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

I love the pants, and the layered tops.

Sam said...

Thank you all so much!

hannah, heart city said...

those pants were made for you!! and lovely hair color, one redhead to another..