Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Every guy thinks she's a lady, but I think that girl is shady

Yesterday was my last day at school to turn in my 2 latest assignments. I worked so hard to finnish them! Last saturday I worked from 12 PM till 1 AM on it and sunday from 10 AM till 2:30 AM. I was so tired! And the weather was amazing, so I was kind of bummed out with that. Everyone was having fun here in the neighbourhood, while I was working hard. Very frustrating at the moment, but now I'm very glad I did it. I got amazing grades on them. It was all worth it.

Today was a great first vacationday. Boyfriend was here yesterday evening and stayed the night. And he's still here. He made outfit shots today. I think these photo's are some of the best photo's he ever took for and from me.

But I'm going to finnish this post now, I'm very tired and my room looks like it's exploded.
Plus the photo's are taken in the centre of Amersfoort, the town I live in. I live in a suburb from Amersfoort. I think the centre of Amersfoort has the most beautiful architecture I've ever seen.
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Designer Remix blouse
Dahlia bralet and necklace
Zara shorts and belt
Vintage leather backpack
Topshop boater hat
Asos wedges
Fossil watch
Camden Market owl necklace


Bee said...

Your hair looks lovely, and your town is adorable! x

Anonymous said...

So just read a book instead :P

Love the pictures - the styling and the photography.

Edith Elin G.R. said...


Kelly's Joie de Vivre said...

What a beautiful town! I'm dying to move to Europe, there's no old architecture left in the United States... ok that's not true at all but there certainly isn't an abundance of it! I love your outfit too, I'm loving that shade of brown that your shorts are so much lately!

Jessica said...

Cute, I really love that hat! Great pics!!

Sara said...

Wat ben je toch leuk! Ik ben vooral verliefd op je tas en je haar matcht helemaal bij de kleuren van je outfit vind ik ;) Super!

Unknown said...

Love your outfit, the hat is very cute!

Phuong said...

wat zie je er leuk uit!

Rebecca said...

This place is gorgeous! I love your outfit too (: Definitely following
ps. well done on getting all your work done on time!

Anonymous said...

your hair color reminds me autumn, and i really love it!


Anonymous said...

you always look so perfect ! please write more often because i adore your style and each outfit is a big inspiration for me <3

Lee Oliveira said...

Love your outfit!
very cute.. and your pictures are wonderful.
Have a great day

Ava said...

jajaja I've got the same necklace!

eleanor said...

thank you so much for the comment!

i am your newest follower :)

gorgeous outfit!


lovert said...

wat een superstijl heb jij! ik ga die schoenen ook bestellen binnenkort hoop ik, ik vind ze geweldig!

Anastasia said...

Wauw! super! =D Je hebt een leuke stijl! ^^

En dat haar! =D


Tessa said...

ik ben nog nooit in Amersfoort geweest, maar het ziet er inderdaad heel mooi uit! <3
en ik vind je outfit ook heel leuk!

ik heb ook eindelijk vakantie na hard werken voor school in die hitte, ik snap precies hoe je je voelt :P (en mijn kamer is ook een teringzooi op t moment)

imfashionstoned said...

hele mooie foto's! je ziet er weer tiptop uit=)

Clara Campelo said...

you're amazing!
i love all your look
and the hair.. wow! so beautiful!

Closet Fashionista said...

wow...LOVE!!! That outfit is so great!!! :D :D
(following now :) )

V.V. said...

Thanks for your comment,very nice shooting!!

Maddalena said...

Hou van hoge taille shorts!


Such a gorgeous, care-free outfit. Love the bag and wedges and that necklace is beautiful.:)SarahD

Alessandro said...

Perfect outfit and the place of the shoot, I love it:D I will folliw this blog;)

The High Heel Times said...

You look cute again, lovely outfit, and the pictures are good indeed!
Have fun during your vacation!

Toni said...

great photos! you are so pretty and I love your owl necklace and your hair!

tess said...

thanks for checking out my blog, I am already in love with yours. This outfit is amazing! Like the perfect look for summer- adorable shorts, a boater, a crisp white blouse, and I'm a sucker for owl necklaces. You look fantastic and I'm envious of your red hair. I will most definitely be making your blog a regular read now!

btw, love the Kate Nash reference ;)

ilsteviewonder said...

OMGOSH! you are gorgeous!!! OMG ! I love your fiery red hair! YOur outfit is super hott! I lovey your shoes! Awesome blog Im following you now :)

Sarah said...

fantastic outfit! I would totally wear all of this! especially the shorts! and the bag. and those amazing wedges! love the blog girl xx

Sara said...

I love your outfit and I love all the pictures of your pretty town! You are very lucky :)

Rachel Estrada said...

wow this town is stunning! I love your outfit and that shot with the watch!


Deborah said...

wooowo great looks / great pics/ and great blog !!!
I follow U :)

Ruxandra said...

You have such a lovely smile!
It is so nice to see another gorgeus outfit of yours...Love the fact that you started wearing pants more and more is a good change, it does show me, at least, like a different part of you.I adore that necklace...oh, and the architecture is beyond amazing.

My Lack of Style said...

Erg mooi, leuke schoenen ook!

Cristi said...

Echt een hele mooie outfit en die tweede foto lijkt zo uit een magazine te komen!

Meg! said...

OMG I want to be where all these photos were taken. I need to be there right now.

Your outfit, though, girl! How perfect! You look like an Edwardian explorer/archaeologist/fashionista exploring the city for a library where you research the new ancient culture you've just discovered, just to make perfectly sure you're the first to find them.


Vera said...

I adore everything about this outfit - the paperbag waist shorts, the blouse, the owl necklace... :)

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Such a cute look. Love the hat!

Daisy Dayz Home

Dodo said...

Zo mooi daar! De fotos zijn ook heel nice geworden! Love the outfit! :)

iliketweet said...

Such a cute outfit, love these photos.

tweet tweet tweet


Leah said...

Beautiful images... I'm still admiring the architecture and the character of the place... I love the bricks and the cobblestones. Great outfit too... your owl necklace is sensational. xoxo

ari said...

lovely outfit, and stunning photography. I especially love the shoes and hat. I actually considered getting the same shoes from asos. I should have gotten them... the look amazing on you!
you have such great style.

thanks for stopping by my blog hun :)


minnja said...

Soo lovely, you are beautiful!

delina said...

hele mooie outfit meid en zeker ook echt mooie en leuke foto's!! x

Anonymous said...

I love your clothes =D
Leuke blog, je schrijft leuk =)

Miles Of Style said...

you look lovely! i LOVE your hair!

thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. i LOVE yours! follow each other?


Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for ur sweet comment ,, :)

lovely outfit !
love ur hat ,
cute bag and like ur heels !
i am following you,
care to follow me back ?

check my new post,

ancien désir said...

beautiful photos, i love your shoes!

Ilse said...

Mooie foto's! Lovely wedges!

elke said...

the hat is the cutest thing i have ever seen!
great post (:
you have a lovely blog,

come visit mine sometime?


luciana said...

wow, your Blog is absolutely gorgeous and you're an amazing beauty. I follow you!! :-* Love your outfit so much and your hair!!

nickyboutique said...

Super leuke outfit!

Revital said...

I love this outfit!! its so great and you look amazing!!

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer) said...

These pictures are SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!! I totally love that perky little hat, and the setting is amazing! Thanks ever so much for popping by my little blog--I super appreciated that :) and now I've found your lovely blog and will be back!

biotechnology said...

I just love every little thing!

robin sue said...

ik vind jou outfits altijd zo leuk! je hebt echt je eigen stijltje! super tof

en wat een geweldige omgeving!

Jennifer - Stylish Clin d'Oeil said...

I am absolutely in love with the colors of your outfit! such natural colors: perfect for summer!
and the hat is so great!
Love it!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post and yes indeed, amaaazing photo's!!

Fashionable and Me♥ said...

Erg mooie outfit!
Je wedges en tas zijn echt geweldig!

Megan said...

I love your whole outfit, its adorable. I also have that necklace!

Anonymous said...

The outfit is perfect!! I love your shoes :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment!

It's great you got good grades! All the hard work always have a reward ;)
I like your look, btw.

- Laura

jasmen said...

love your outfit, great town! :)

Ali Hval said...

Such pretty, pretty photos! ; O; I love your baggg. <3

Lauren said...

You have amazing style! Cute hat :)
Hope you have a lovely weekend,
kisses from Australia xx

Bunny Ears said...

ah dankjewel voor je lieve comment! die witte ketting is een heel leuk idee, zie het al voor me, past inderdaad goed. een probleem, die heb ik niet haha, zal eens kijken of ik iets moois tegen kom!
ik vind jou foto's altijd zo mooi en je bent zelf ook echt een knap meisje! je doet mij op de een of andere manier vaak denken aan die film, beatrice potter met renee zellweger, maar is positief hoor.misschien ken je hem wel. die mooie oude achtergronden, je kledingstijl, die gave konijnen in je kamer!
deze outfit is prachtig, die tas is ook een heel mooi stuk om je collectie te hebben!

Flashes of Style said...

You look soo cute! I love every single thing about your outfit. And goodness, you hair is perfect!

lavender summer said...

I love your uotfit, great shoes :)

heleen said...

Goh wat heeft Nederland toch veel mooie plekjes he! Ik zou m'n noorderburen wat vaker moeten bezoeken ;) Dit is echt een fijne outfit trouwens, perfecte combinatie van stijlvol en gemakkelijk om te dragen! Je hoed is ook zo fantastisch. Als ik zie waar al je kledingstukken vandaan komen lijkt het me dat ik dringend eens naar Londen moet!

Rebecca said...

Je ziet er super uit & nu lekker genieten van het zonnetje! xxx

Inez said...

super leuke foto's !!

vdcouture said...

cool post!!! ur awesome

D e g a i n e said...

Love that bag!



indigotangerine said...

how have I not been to your blog before!? These picture composte of everything I could possibly want, red hair, boater hat, pleated shorts and a thin semi sheer shirt. All set against the backdrop of the cutest town EVER.

Ilse said...

ahhh, ik wist niet dat Amersfoort zo mooi was! waarom doen we de meetup niet daar?!?!?! hahahaha. ik heb je mailtje gekregen, ik ga je zo eventjes een mailtje terugsturen want ik ben altijd in voor een date! ^^ trouwens prachtige outfit, en je layout is ook ge-wel-dig had ik dat al gezegd?

Unknown said...

lovely look, lovely scenario for the photoshoot, lovely watch and lovely ginger hair!!


Birgitte said...

Hele leuke foto's!
Je schoenen en horloge zijn echt fantastisch!

xoxo Birgitte

Fashion Fabrice said...

Super mooie locatie!! De outfit is super mooi en je ziet er geweldig uit!! Di short, die wedges.. Geniet van je vakantie!! (en van je vriend haha)
Ps: je horloge is echt mooi!!



Imelda said...

Ziet er echt heel gezellig uit daar, zeker een bezoekje waard vind ik!
Je ziet er wederom super uit! Die hoed staat je echt goed!

maaanon said...

you look soooo great! Í've given you you an award! check out my blog!


Anonymous said...

you look amazing!

thanks for comment and hope to see you again at:

Daniela said...

Such beautiful photos! and lovely outfit. I have been reading your blog since long time ago and i think you have a cute style. I just created mine weeks ago :)

MizzJ said...

Amazing photos! The setting is the perfect backdrop for your outfit.

Abby said...

I wish i can also live in your town its so gorgeous same like you,,, beautiful please add me on facebook Noel Abby Barber