Friday, December 24, 2010

All things are possible on Christmas eve

Tonight it's going to be Christmas eve and my mom and I did some very last Christmas shopping. We're going to unpack the presents tonight, watch Christmas films and we're going to eat lasagne.
And right now I'm quickly going to wash my hair (got a new hair mask) and dry it before we're going to eat.

Here's my outfit from a few days ago. Still not sure about the boots with this outfit, but my mom (I guess because they're my mom's boots) and boyfriend liked it, so I guess it looks okay. And I wear this cardigan with everything lately. I don't care if it looks good or not, I just wear it. So warm and comfy.
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Cheap Monday cardigan
Dahlia dress and necklace
Topshop boots (from my mom)

Merry Christmas and have a nice weekend!


Leanns' Vintage said...

Cute dress!
Ik zie een geweldig uiltje in je boom hangen, waar is die van?!

Merry Christmas to you too!

Sam said...

Dank je!
En die uil hebben we vorig jaar bij de Intratuin gekocht!

Dodo said...

Zijn leuke schoenen! Merry X-mas! :)

Clara Campelo said...

Merry Christmas!

anahit said...

pretty dress :) xx

Thanh said...

merry xmas! what a cute dress. that looks great on you!

Vera said...

what a darling dress! and that cardi looks super cozy too.
merry christmas, dear :)

Anonymous said...

Superleuke foto's en een hele fijne Kerst!X

Anonymous said...

Mooi! Prachtig jurkje (: Fijne kerst!

Iris said...

supermooi haar heb je en een heel mooi jurkje!

lies said...

wat een superleuke outfit! en je knotje staat je leuk :) fijne kerst!

Marmelindela said...

Oh cutie! Je haar is zo leuk zo! En ik wil ook alles van Dahlia, het staat zo mooi en lief! Love it! Heb een fijne kerst met mooie kadootjes!

Roos said...

ben je weer met je 'oude' vriendje? leuk

Elli said...

I love your outfit- you look so cute :]

Marijke said...

I must say, I don't really follow that many fashionblogs, because I think the outfits are often uninspiring and similar.
But your blog is full of inspiring, fun, cute and original outfits! A good mix of high street, designer and your own style.
I am definately going to follow you!

Anouck said...

wauw, dat jurkje staat je echt geweldig!
super outfit.

Sanne said...

Merry x-mas! En een super leuk jurkje^^

Rebecca said...

the dress is so pretty (: and i love your christmas tree!

Stephanie Helena said...

Cute dress! And looove your hair color!!

Unknown said...

Fantastic outfit!!!


Anonymous said...

I mostly love the january and june picture. it's not only the clothes, it's also the atmosphere.

Love, Jojo