Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, you're full of fish

Before I'm going to write about my look, I called this post like this, because we have fishes as christmastree decorations. It's genius.

So this is my look from yesterday. Wore my new Dahlia dress (with a little skirt underneath, because it's so incredibly short!) and I absolutely love it. When I ordered it online I thought it was more pink, though I do still like the colour.
But my sims is working again and I'm playing it too much. Yesterday I did nothing else than playing sims and I getting too attached to them. Especially to the sim named Anna Gilmore. Problem much.
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Dahlia dress
H&M tights and skirt
Topshop booties
Vintage bow

And here's the Sim I've made. Like Carl would say (from Lama's with hats) 'I've got a problem. I've got a serious problem'.
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And here's she pregnant with a her little baby boy named Seth Aaron.
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Well, I hope you've liked my outfit and Anna's outfits and now I'm going to watch Men in Black with boyfriend. Good evening everybody!


Unknown said...

You look really nice in your photos!! Love the tree too! I am a Sim addict! I just keep making myself and my dream home though! haha


Tasja said...

I'm so jealous of your bow!
I would love to have one exactly like that.

And your dress and pictures are wonderful :)

Foreverpetite said...

Dat jurkje is heel erg leuk & het staat je ook goed. Je haar is lekker aan het groeien, volgensmij heb je mij al ingehaald :P

mizztraveller said...

u looks beautiful when tied ur hair like tat.

anahit said...

beautiful christmas tree. and I love the bow in your hair :) xx

!!! said...

i have those shoes<!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely holiday picture my Darling! This is my favorite time of the year so i enjoy them =) Happy Holidays

<3 M

Classy & Fabulous

Nancie said...

looking so girlie, love the stockings, the bow and the wedges!!

Moniek said...

Jij ziet er altijd zo lief uit he! Ik vind je stijl echt geweldig ^^

de inktvis said...

oooh wat een leuke versiering!

Emma said...

I love the little birds in the tree, so cute. Plus you look lovely and I adore that blouse
Scrapbook de la Emma

SophieSweetVintage said...

Wat zit je haar mooi! De strik is cute!!

Anonymous said...

Is that the Sims3?

Rebecca said...

Je outfit is in één woord; snoezig!! Die strik, die panty, de kleuren!!! ♥

Ik volg je blog nu toch al een jaar of twee en wat ik zo bewonder aan jouw stijl is dat het zo variërend, maar tegelijkertijd ook typisch Sam is!! Geweldig!! ☺

Vera said...

you look amazing! and the bow in your hair is super cute :)

Wall of Fashion said...

Pretty photos! You look great, I like the bow in your hair! And how cool the sims-baby's name is Seth-Aaron! That was also a designer on Project Runway!

xx Marije

Closet Fashionista said...

Love the outfit! Especially the wedges! :D

Chloé said...

You have such a pretty dollface!
I love your clothing style and haircut♥ Happy holidays


Anna Katrina said...

i love the bow in your hair it is too cute!!

stop by sometime<3

Jade Sawden said...

beautiful! the dress is so pretty and i love the sims too :D i go through phases where i play it non stop or not at all.

Cristi said...

Prachtige outfit en mooie foto's! Hoe kom jij aan die leuke kleren voor je Sims? En Carl is mijn held :P

xx Cristi

Wynne Prasetyo said...

you look so lovely, like a doll. word. :)

Reg Rodriguez said...

your pictures re very christmasy! :) i love the bow in your hair :)


Imelda said...

Leuke look! Je wedges vind ik echt geweldig en die grote strik in je haar is ook super!

ilsteviewonder said...

you look adorable i love it and i love playing sims which one is that sims 3? or an expansion pack? your girl is super cute lol :)


I LOVE everyhting about your real life outfit. Beautiful hair bow! Cool sim you made!!

Anonymous said...

Heel mooi!
Ik vind het zo stom dat the sims niet op mijn laptop wil :( Hij loopt steeds vast, maar ik speel het stiekem wel eens op mijn zus haar laptop. Het is zooooo leuk : D

Phuong said...

jurkje staat je erg goed! Alvast hele fijne feestdagen

Sara said...

Bwah i love Llamas with hats!!

CUTE look! You look very sweet :):)

Maryse said...

Great pictures! <3
Lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

oh my god i too am obsessed with sims! and i love your outfit, especially the shoes :)

Rebecca said...

Ik wens je alvast hele fijne (stylish) feestdagen en spetterend 2011 ♥