Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shoes I wore when I was still in high school

This afternoon I was scrolling through some old photos and 'found' some old shoes I've took a picture of several years ago. At the time I thought that they were amazing and now I'm wondering what I was thinking. So I thought I'd show them here.

I was 12 years old when my Fornarina 'addiction' started (Dahlia has replaced Fornarina). These were my first pair of boots from Fornarina. And I wore these boots in my first year of high school along with a blue pleated, checked skirt, a black with blue glitters cardigan and a pair of thick black tights. I loved that outfit... Gosh, that's already 7 years ago.
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I wore these boots in my second year of high school. Along with jeans and a green top with some details.
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I was seriously the first girl at school with Uggs. They called me 'house shoe girl'. And a few months later all girls wore them.
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When I was in the third year of high school I was dying to get a pair of pumps, so my mom took me to Invito and I got these from her. I still like these shoes.
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After a few months I wanted black pumps, something classic. That meant Invito!
Here are they all worn out and dusty.
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And another pair of Invito pumps I got in my third year.
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At the end of my third year I became more 'alternative'. When my final year at high school started people were calling me 'goth' and 'emo'.
I wore All Stars
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Which had broken hearts
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And skulls

And when spring started I got these flats from Rocket Dog.
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So, those were the most of my shoes I wore through high school. There still were some boots and plain all stars, but I'm too ashamed to show those tacky boots and plain All Stars are not interesting.

Hope you liked to see this and please, do tell me how your favourite pair of old shoes looked!

I'm having some trouble with the lay out and I still haven't looked cute at boyfriend trying to get him to fix it.

I smell peanut butter... Though here isn't peanut butter in my room.


Tasja said...

This is quite fun too see xD
And I guess that everyone has this kind of "history" although my shoe collection back then isn't so bad.. I had shoes similar to your "invito shoes"

the only thing that I'm amazed about is how small the heels are (looking back) *-* when I thought back then that they were very tall haha

Eli said...

When we used to work at Fornarina, we used to laugh at some of the old ugly shoes they had. They closed all of the US stores so now we can even get any of it :(

Anonymous said...

Leuke post om te lezen!Ik droeg vooral van die Adidas gympjes met babyblauwe en babyroze streepjes.X

Jardin de la Mode said...

Leuke post!
Sabrina O.

Six Feet From The Edge - Debbie said...

Hahaha supergrappig! Die skull-allstars en zwarte invito schoenen had ik ook! Nohhhh what were we thinking? ;)


Rebecca said...

Leuk om te zien! Die floral cowboy boots zijn echt wel het einde! ♥ (Suz) said...

haha, super leuke post :)

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