Friday, December 31, 2010

This was my 2010

At first I didn't wanted to do a recap, but why not actually? It's been a year with not too many posts, but it was a year with fun, love, even some tears and lots of shoes. I think I like the shoes part the best, haha. Here is my recap from 2010.

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This was my 2010. I hope you liked my blog this year and still going to like it next year.
Have an awesome and fun 2011!

I'll show my London purchases next year. Let just say I got my first pair of YSL pumps and they're beautiful!


Dodo said...

Leuk! En ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe schoenen!

Seeker said...

You looked gorgeous all year :)
May your New Year be blessed and Happy


Tasja said...

I love your style so much <3

have a happy new year ^^

Nancie said...

am loving the recap and your wardrobe is bananas!
Happy New Year

Vera said...

recaps are so fun!
haha i loved all of your outfits,
cheers to 2011!

Wall of Fashion said...

Great outfits! You dress so classic and chic! And wow, I can't wait to see your YSL-shoes, how cool is that! I also red you have Prada shoes, you're so lucky! ;) I wish you a very happy and another shoe-ish new year!

xx Marije

Rebecca Clairine said...

u always have a beautiful shoes !
love them ! <3
and u always look great !


Inés said...

Love your blog,your style is great!I love,happy new year,xoxo

Ruby And Siel said...

Had je niet meer schoenen gekocht ?

Nathalie said...

Ik vind dat je stijl heel erg mooi is geworden! Happy new year!xxx

Phuong said...

mooie collage van al je looks, happy 2011

Amberrrr said...

Je ziet er echt altijd geweldig uit! Beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar!
Ik vraag mij af hoe die miu miu mary janes vallen? Zijn ze groot of eerder klein?

r said...

Leuk, zo'n recap!
Lieve Sam, ik wens jou een spetterend jaar met heel veel kansen, liefde en uiteraard schoenen. Ook al blogspot ik zelf niet meer, ik check je blog nog altijd en je bent echt een inspiratie voor mij!!

Rebecca said...

Die reactie van net was van mij (Rebecca) er ging iets mis, oeps!!

Unknown said...

The shoes are ALWAYS the best part!


anahit said...

wow, each and every one of these outfits is so enviable!! I suddenly want to rush out and buy lots of floaty floral dresses!! xxx

Aniek said...

sinds dat ik je blog heb ontdekt ben ik echt fan van je! Je stijl is zo vintage en leuk!! en ben echt jaloers op al je schoenen!

Hoop dat je een goed nieuw jaar zult hebben :)

Caithlin said...

Your style is fantastisc.. But I bet you get that all the time. Lovely recap, I will definitely continue following your blog in 2011!

Jenni said...

Those first two dresses are killer! I'm in love!


Ik wil echt jou kledingkast, WAUW! Vooral al je schoenen, echt geweldig!
Heb je al meegedaan aan mijn give away van asos?

Kellie said...

Happy New Year! :) Can't wait to see what you wear in 2011!

Hippikirálylány said...

I love your blog and also your style of designing clothes!

keep up with the good work :)


Annemei said...

je schoenen zijn inderdaad geweldig :)

Anonymous said...

Ben benieuwd naar je Londen aankoopjes!Leuke terugblik!xx

POLA said...

Hi, Dear I found your blog today and I really like it!!!!
I love your bedroom - is so cute, your bike and shoes shelf!!!

Anastasia said...

Oooh super leuk om je zo door het jaar heen te zien! ^^

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! =D

Imelda said...

Ben eens benieuwd naar je YSL pumps!

Lidia Greenland and Xoana Doofenshmirtz said...

I love all your outfits!! I can see you love shoes!haha! :)
I love love love your blog! Thanks for sharing your style! OMG I love your Prada shoes, the christmas present!! luccky!!lol! So happy new years and I can't wait to see your pics and news about London!!! I love that city!


Anahit said...

Cute blog!
I have a blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

Merel said...

you have a great style!

Jan said...


vio said...

great outfits!