Sunday, April 24, 2011

Music and Topshop

Here are some songs I've been listening a lot to lately.

I really love it to listen to this song when I'm cycling when the weather is lovely and everything just seems so quiet en peaceful (and a great example of that was yesterday evening when I was on my way to a party. The sun was going down, there were just a few people on the streets and the temperature was so nice).

My mom and me listen to this song when we are driving around in her car (she has a Ford Street Ka, the most awesome car there is).

I listen to this when I'm at my room and need a little laugh. The Midnight Beast is genius.

And another one by The Midnight Beast!

And I listen a lot to this when I'm busy at school.

There are way more songs I listen to (obviously), but these are my favourites at the moment.

And I, uuh, did a new Topshop order. Topshop is the only store at the moment where I buy clothes... Ok, and Zara too.
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Anonymous said...

i love your topshop stuff <3

Anonymous said...

Haha die parody van friday was heel leuk :)
je topshop spullen zijn zo leuk <3

Jill. said...

Leuke liedjes & ik ben fan van de oorringen,ketting en de maxi-rok! :)


This Charming Style said...

you ordered some beautiful items :)

Karin´s diary said...

Waarop de site staat dat armbandje/ketting/hoofdbandje? met vlindertjes? Ik kan hem echt niet vinden..

Karin´s diary said...

Waarop de site staat dat kettinkje/hoodbandje? met vlinders? kan hem echt niet vinden!

Laura said...

I love the midnight beast! Also, the clothes are gorgeous.

Check out my blog at
New style/outfit post finished!

Thankyou, Laura X

Sam said...

Thanks everyone!

@ Simpel & Perfect
Zo te zien is dat dingetje met de vlinders uitverkocht! Ik kan hem namelijk niet meer vinden!

Unknown said...

Aaaww I have this cat necklace! They have it at Topshop?? I got mine two years ago via a Thai online shop :o

Anonymous said...

I just love the dream catcher earrings and the butterfly headband (?)!!!

Imelda said...

Leuke liedjes en toffe aankopen, die lange rok zie ik ook wel zitten!

Unknown said...

aaah leuke dingen besteld! Ben al heel lang benieuwd naar die top, wil je zeggen of ie heel sheer is als je 'm binnhebt? :)

Unknown said...

love the topshop maxi skirt!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Flowergirls said...

Nice outfit!
I love David Guetta <3!

Jan said...

Gave nummers,
vooral dat eerste nummer is leuk!
Die staat nu in m'n afspeellijst ^^