Monday, May 2, 2011


It's remarkable how much you can do when you get up early. At 10 AM I had a job interview at the gym. It's just a summer job, because after the summer holiday I'm going to study in Utrecht. Maybe even live there. I'm really looking forward to it. A clean slate.
But to get back to my point. They're going to call me soon to tell if I'm hired or not. After my job interview my mom and I went to the centre of Amersfoort to take some outfit shots. It was hard to get a decent shot, because I constantly got blown away. My outfit was actually from last Saturday when it was Queensday. I really needed to wear my orange blazer because of that. And ofcourse this amazing skirt too. I'm completely enamored by it.
After taking photo's we went to a terrace and drank macchiato's.

Little warning, there's a shitload of photo's coming up.
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And ofcourse, the macchiato's
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I'm wearing a Zara blazer, Dahlia skirt, River Island top, six necklace, M by MJ bag, Topshop booties and antique earrings


Teddi said...

well aren't you pretty ms. sam! i like your outfit combination with that necklace.

LIzzy said...

These are lovely photos, the contrast of the soft florals and the really punchy blazer is gorgeous, really tropical and summery.

Thank you for commenting on my blog :). x

Dylana Suarez said...

Your blazer is so amazing!


Anonymous said...

I am totally in love with this look ! <3

SteffyRoos said...

Amersfoort is zo mooi! En je outfit ook trouwens :)
VInd je blazer en rok echt gaaf! En zo bij elkaar de perfecte Q-day look!


Kelsey said...

Wauw heel mooi!

Anonymous said...

Love that your blog is going back to outfit posts! Do you know what you're going to study yet? Fashion again?

Mystylehistory said...

ik vind je outfit en foto's echt heel mooi!
ik hou van amersfoort, mooie stad! ik ben er geboren maar al snel verhuisd..

Dodo said...

Die blazer staat je mooi en de omgeving is perfect voor foto's! :)

Nathalie said...

Geweldige outfit, vooral je blazer is mooi! En lekkere macchiatos hihi :)

Imelda said...

Superleuke outfit! Die rok is echt mooi!

Aniek said...

p r a c h t i g !

nog steeds benieuwd waar jij altijd je dahlia kleding koopt ;p

Eli said...

I must say, you still look so remarkable as a redhead! So lovely!

Radhiana said...

i love your shoes :)

White Bazaar said...

Love this look, the orange blazer looks amazing!

This Charming Style said...

Hello my fellow Dahlia Girl! This skirt looks beautiful on you, and I love the orange blazer and those cute little shoes :)

The daughters of Avalon said...

super queensday-outfit!

xx Jeanine & Yasmin

Kellie said...

That blazer is brilliant, I love it! And now I'm craving a macchiato so badly that it's not even funny!

maaanon said...

Hé ik woon ook in Amersfoort!
superleuke outfit en blog!
mag ik misschien vragen wat voor camera jij gebruikt


Anonymous said...

You look like the summer, I love that blazer!

thefashionguitar said...

You look amazing in orange. It works so good with your hair, which is gorgeous!!

XO Charlotte

K A T H L E E N said...

sooo awesome! love the orange blazer and pretty dress xxo AND the bag in the post below

Unknown said...

Oh wow, I LOVE love love your skirt and the blazer!! Looks amazing!! :D

Stop by some time:D


Ilse said...

meh ik dacht dat ik hier op had gereageerd : ( iig, perfecte qday outfit! en hahahaha ja bij jouw tas moet ik daar ook altijd aan denken.. en aan die frauduleuze actie van mij hahaha! hoe staan de examenprojecten ervoor? trouwens ik heb nog niks van je class mate gehoord :O niet dat ik echt veel tijd heb atm maar ik dacht dat er een doorpas moest komen amirite? KUSSIE

Unknown said...

i love the zara blazer, it is a great color!

<3 steffy
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Fear is a Dirty Word said...

I love your skirt, I might try sewing one like it soon... but I also chicken out of maxi because I'm so short! Lovely pictures!

m a r t a said...

love your pictures! you look amazing!

Chantal said...

wauw echt mooi!

~xoxo ♥