Sunday, May 29, 2011

Random stuff

New sandals by Viktor & Rolf. I never seem to find nice sandals. I'm glad I found them now.
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My outfit of today. Such a shame that the waist of the pants is too wide. Still have to make it smaller. My apologies for the lame mirror photo with my Iphone.
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River Island jeans jacket and shirt, Zara pants, Mulberry Alexa bag, vintage earclips and Topshop platforms

2 looks I can't stop wearing.
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Topshop kimono cardigan, cat necklace, bag and asymmetric top, Zara top and jeans short, Nudie jeans and River Island booties.
Meh, I want thinner legs... Should work out more...

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The 5 pieces I've made for my exam with the theme "The wedding of Prince William and Kate". That explains why it's so conservative, though I do like it. Nicer pictures coming up after a few weeks. I wasn't allowed to bring the garments home with me just yet.
I've also made the headbands.

Some pictures that really made me laugh
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These last two are so familiar!
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Because of this last picture I constantly say ffffuuuu, challenge accepted and me gusta. People who don't know these pictures always look at me with a 'wtf face' when I say that.

I'm sorry that I rarely update these days. But I rarely feel like blogging. Though quitting my blog doesn't seem an option, because sometimes I do like to post something new. I'll try to make some nice photo's somewhere in the next few weeks now I'm done with my exam.


mizztraveller said...

The first pants looks nice on u .You still looks great.

Flo said...

you look gorgeous dear

check out my newest silly post !

Dodo said...

Die kattenketting is echt leuk! En je hebt mooie dingen gemaakt, ik zag ze ook al op FB!

Unknown said...

Wow, the 70s pants look so cool!! And aah I have exactly the same cat necklace :D

This Charming Style said...

I adore those pants so much. And cute sandals also!

Halktan Biri said...

cool and original <3


perfect hippie said...

jezus wat een mooie kimono, was ie duur?

Imelda said...

Supertoffe outfits! Die kimono van topshop vind ik echt super, net als de cat-necklace!

Marijke said...

Oh die kimono is prachtig! Hoe duur was ie?

Claire M. said...

I love the sandal on the first photo ;)

F. said...

lovely cardigan !

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Katariina said...

Oh, I just love your style! :) And it is nice to see the clothes that you are making :) I just graduated from school, where I studied to be a dressmaker :) (sorry my poor English) So it is interesting to see what other dressmakers are doing :D

Kellie said...

I love the dresses you made! You did a great job! :) And haha, I always say "fffuuuuu," "forever alone," and "me gusta" too!

Inspiratiebron said...

Wow super goed gedaan! Zou zo'n haarband ook wel willen :D

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! I say that too ''fuuuuuu'' i mean people are always like fuuuuu? what's that... I'm just like oh you don't know what I'm talking about again...Fuuuu haha.