Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wannahave's for London

I'm going to London with my mom next week and I'm very exited to go. Especially because it will be my mom's first time in London, so I can show her everything. And of course there will be shopping. One of the main things I like to do when I'm there. I've made a wishlist with the items I'm going to try to get my hands on.

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These Topshop booties and brogues
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And some things by Dahlia
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Dodo said...

Aah creepers zijn zo leuk!! Ik probeer nogsteeds een paar te bemachtigen maar elke keer vind ik ze toch net iets te duur :/ Denk dat je ze in Camden Town sowieso wel ergens op de kop kan tikken!! Heel veel plezier daar en ik ben benieuwd waar je mee terug komt ;)

Halktan Biri said...

I love the colors and images. Clothes are very original.



Kellie said...

Have fun in London, and good luck finding everything on your shopping list! I love the Creepers- I've wanted a pair just like that since I was in high school!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your blog.
Hope it carries on for many years.
Always believe in yourself <3


Jennifer said...

Die laatste jurk & die dahlia rok zijn echt prachtig!

Mademoiselle Roy said...

ohhh yeah, I'm sooo in love with all this Dahlia Stuff...sooo lovely...

Malicious said...


Ik woon sinds september in londen.. I love it! Wie weet kom ik je tegen!


Anonymous said...

Except for the creepers I think you made really good choices. They don't seem to suit your style like it was shown on these blog, but sadly you don't do much outfit posts anymore. I'd be glad to see you back on here.

Shannen said...

Like everything... except for the creepers, but I would like to see how you style them - maybe they work out!

The Poppi dress is on my list aswell.. even though I'm possessed with another addiction at the mom :x

Like your blog a lot... would love to see more stuff made by yourself :D

youniform said...

nice blog....
following u..
if u want have a look at mine and if u like it follow back!

Imelda said...

Ik vind alles leuk, behalve die creepers vind ik maar niks :)

Carrie said...

Loving the Creeper shoes. Lil advise: don't go looking for them in Camden as I did and there was a three month waiting list. Head to a shoe shop like Office, Schuh or Urban Outfitters where they stock them for us girls.

Hope you have many a fun time exploring and shopping :)


Ammie Eliza Davies said...

i love healed brogues x

SarahV said...

Mooie blog heb jij zeg! I'm impressed :)


Rowan | R E D R E I D I N G H O O D said...

Have fun, girl! Succes met vinden wat je zoekt!



Loes said...

Ik denk dat je nu al wel geweest bent, was het leuk? (:
en dat laatste jurkje is zooo lief, die wil ik ook wel ^^