Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some of the best things

Reading in the bathtub
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Going to the cinema with someone nice
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This ship as a tattoo (will tell the whole story later)
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Mulberry Alexa
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Peter Rabbit
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And ofcourse Dahlia
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This Charming Style said...

Aww such a lovely post, I'd agree with you here :) x

Emma said...

haha reading in the bathtub.... with a cat. naturally! how cute

Laia said...

I completely agree in most things! X3

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! Those really are some of the best things :) x

Charlotte Beecham said...

love your blog. Your style and vibe are great. Please check mine out and if you like follow me back !

Unknown said...

Oh! Die eerste foto met die kat! <3