Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hey there 2012, how is it to be here?

Since the weather is dreadful over here, I couldn't make outfit shots as I had planned. So here are some photo's from my Iphone from the beginning of December till now.
I hope I can make an outfit shot tomorrow!
7 9
3 10
6 4
8 5
11 13
1 2

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Zoe Schlacter said...

Such pretty pictures!

Ly said...

Miu miu shoes...I need them!! The weather has been terrible here too. It's made it super difficult to take outfit pictures :(

Have a Happy New Year!

Stephanie said...

very nice pictures:)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots and loved the shoes photo!

And Happy New Year from Japan!


Mirthe said...

Wat een fiiijjjjne instagram foto's:) Wat is je username? Dan ga ik je followen.

Anonymous said...

Oooeh die schoenen!

Bianka BiBka said...

:) we have similar website :) and hair :) it´s funny